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Goodrays is a premium CBD brand that sells high-quality oils, gummies and canned drinks. The brand aims to provide daily calm and clarity to its customers and educate people about the benefits of cannabidiol. There are still some widely-held misconceptions about its association with cannabis: CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, which means it won’t get you high. Goodrays products are made from sustainable Colorado-grown CBD, blended with botanicals to deliver sophisticated flavours along with the most effective doses.

Learn how the CBD brand used email nurture and replenishment flows to keep customers returning to the store


Although CBD is becoming more mainstream in the UK, it’s still a regulated industry. Products can’t be promoted using paid search or online advertising so Goodrays can’t rely on the usual ecommerce marketing channels. To drive growth, the brand is focused on its own channels, which means growing the subscriber base is a key priority. Everyone browsing the website is a potential lead so the brand can’t afford to let people leave before capturing their details. 

Since acquiring customers is hard, retaining them is especially important. Goodrays knows that on average it takes two purchases for a customer to become a regular buyer. Because CBD needs 6–8 weeks to take effect, it’s important to educate customers so they don’t expect to feel the results straight away.


Goodrays partnered with Klaviyo to take advantage of the platform’s pre-built forms and flows, which make it easy to capture subscribers and create customer journeys that convert. The brand also integrated Klaviyo with Relo, an app that uses AI to predict when a customer will need to reorder. Relo syncs this data straight to Klaviyo so Goodrays can target customers with a personalised email flow that links users to a floating payment page for one-click ordering.

Using Klaviyo for email was a no brainer. The email builder is second to none and its segmentation abilities are integral.
Henry Colyer
Head of Marketing


To accelerate subscriber acquisition, the brand has optimised its sign-up form so that it achieves a high submission rate without being intrusive. The pop-up has a submission rate of 10.2%, which is 2x the average rate. As a result, Goodrays has doubled the size of its subscriber list in a year. 

Subscribers are placed into an automated welcome flow that features lots of friendly explainers. The assumption is that not all users fully understand CBD. So, the flow talks about the benefits of CBD, the different products, and why Goodrays is a brand they can trust. Subscribers also receive an introductory discount and this works well, with the initial welcome email converting at 9.7%. If people don’t redeem the discount straight away, a reminder email gives them a little nudge.

The brand has several other automations that tick along in the background. The flows target subscribers who abandon their shopping cart or exit the site without buying. These actions trigger reminder emails that pull shoppers back to the store by making product recommendations based on what they were browsing. The abandoned checkout flow is particularly effective with a high conversion rate of 8.3%. 

Goodrays also sends a replenishment flow to drive repeat purchases. This uses predictive data from Relo to send a reorder prompt to customers who are likely to be running low on a product. Each email shows what they ordered previously and takes them to a pre-populated cart. Reordering couldn’t be easier. 

This email strategy has been a great success. Automated flows contribute 69% of email revenue, and the brand has achieved a repurchase rate of 40%.

The Goodrays team is small, so Klaviyo’s automated flow emails have saved us many hours that can be used elsewhere to develop the business.
Henry Colyer 
Head of Marketing
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