Hair quiz shapes email personalisation at Balique

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Balique is an Italian beauty brand founded by famous health influencer Rossana Dian. Former model and trichologist, Rossana noticed that most hair products fail to take into account the enormous differences in the condition and texture of women’s hair. She launched Balique as an age-positive brand that helps women feel good about themselves. Its shampoos, conditioners, serums, and treatments are formulated to enhance and care for all types of hair. The brand recently expanded into skin care, where it takes the same personalised approach.

Learn how the beauty brand created hyper-personalised automations with email and WhatsApp


Balique wanted to help customers select the right products for their hair and get the best possible results. To do this, it wanted to quiz shoppers about their hair type and make recommendations based on their responses. However, the brand lacked the technology to turn data insights from the quiz into one-to-one marketing. 

In addition, managing cross-channel marketing activity was proving to be quite laborious. Balique was using different platforms to send WhatsApp messages and email, which meant running multiple campaigns on different systems. Since the brand was keen to expand the use of WhatsApp, it made sense to combine the channels in one platform.


Balique decided to switch from Mailchimp to Klaviyo so it could create omnichannel automations and achieve deeper personalisation. Klaviyo integrates with WhatsApp provider Charles, so now emails and WhatsApp messages can be used together in automated flows. As well as saving the marketing team time, this makes the channels work together seamlessly so the customer journey feels more connected and consistent. 

The brand built its hair quiz in Typeform, which also syncs with Klaviyo. It means whenever somebody completes the hair quiz, the data collected automatically enriches their subscriber profile in Klaviyo.

As well as providing more powerful automations and analytics, Klaviyo allows us to have all our data in one place – like a CDP.
Stefano Scozzese
CEO, Balique


Balique’s hair quiz captures users’ age and hair care habits as well as details about the length, texture and condition of their hair. Completing the quiz triggers an email flow that contains product recommendations plus expert tips and advice, all tailored to their hair type. 

Balique continues to use the quiz data across its marketing automations to personalise emails and drive sales conversion. And it’s clearly delivering messages that resonate with customers: the brand’s email flows convert at 6.3% on average, which is 4x higher than the benchmark for the sector.

We have a new anti-yellowing mask designed specifically for blonde hair. There’s no point marketing it to brunettes! Klaviyo lets me target a defined audience with products they’ll love.
Stefano Scozzese
CEO, Balique

Balique asks subscribers to share their date of birth via a form, and targets those who haven’t responded to attain a high completion rate. The data helps with audience profiling and provides another opportunity to connect with customers, on their birthday. The happy birthday flow offers subscribers a discount on their next purchase, and converts at 7.2%.

The Balique brand was founded around a community and it has a large tribe of brand loyalists.  These VIP customers are identified using purchase data in Klaviyo, and are granted early access to new products, special offers and seasonal sales. Segmenting the audience by value and spreading promotional activity over a longer period allows Balique to recognise and reward its most loyal customers. It also helps the business to maintain its speedy shipping times, which is helpful during intense sale periods.

For BlackFriday, our VIP customers were able to purchase without having to worry about their favourite products selling out, which is a real risk during that period. It gave them peace of mind, and they felt pampered and privileged.
Stefano Scozzese
CEO, Balique

For big promotions like Black Friday, Balique uses multi-channel flows that typically feature two emails and a WhatsApp message. This approach combines rich educational content with short, timely reminders that create a sense of urgency. It’s a winning formula: Balique’s Black Friday campaign achieved a 44.3% click rate and a conversion rate of 38.6%.

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