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In July 2012, Simon Griffiths sat on a toilet in a drafty warehouse for 50 hours.

That’s how long it took to raise enough pre-orders—$50K via a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo—to start production for Who Gives A Crap, the B Corp-certified company Griffiths founded with Danny Alexander and Jehan Ratnatunga.

According to the company’s website, about 2 billion people globally don’t have access to a toilet. Who Gives A Crap works to change that by donating half their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world.

Learn how Who Gives A Crap layers Klaviyo integrations to scale personalisation


Made from 100% recycled paper or bamboo, Who Gives A Crap toilet paper arrives plastic-free via carbon-neutral shipping, with auto-refill subscription options for busy folks. As a fast-growing company, the team at Who Gives A Crap needed a way to use their mission-based business model to create real, direct relationships with their growing customer base—without diverting potentially life-changing funds to expensive non-owned marketing channels.


By leveraging Klaviyo’s integrations with platforms like Recharge for subscriptions and recurring payments, Malomo for shipping-related emails, Unbounce for landing page testing and lead capture, and Justuno for lead capture via pop-ups, the team at Who Gives A Crap is able to unify data from a wide variety of sources in order to understand what kind of marketing resonates most with which customers.

It’s about telling a more relevant story for customers utilising the data we collect, versus relying on data that’s owned by a third party. Klaviyo helps us create a more holistic view of the customer so we can understand who they are, what’s important to them, and where they’re at in their journey.

Mike Altman, Director of lifecycle marketing and CRM, Who Gives A Crap


The world of toilet paper marketing isn’t as one-size-fits-all as you might expect. A customer with a subscription has different needs than one who buys ad-hoc, for example. And while many customers crave sustainability-minded content, some are more likely to click on good old-fashioned bathroom humour. Armed with a wealth of data from Klaviyo integrations, the team at Who Gives A Crap segments customers and automates messaging based on what’s important to them—without breaking the bank.

The more folks we can communicate with, the more we encourage people to choose our eco-friendly toilet paper and the more we can donate. Rather than investing our budget into partners that take more of that cut, communicating via email gives us a more direct connection to our customers. Klaviyo allows us to more efficiently communicate with those audiences.

Mike Altman, Director of lifecycle marketing and CRM, Who Gives A Crap

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