Viori drives retention and repeat purchases with targeted SMS + Email

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ROI in first 6 months after switching to Klaviyo


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Inspired by members of the Red Yao tribe in the Longsheng region of China and their traditions, Viori has built a sustainable brand that benefits the tribe’s members and brings their ancient hair care rituals based on rice water and rice to North America and Western Europe.

Since launching in January of 2020, Viori has been selling all natural, rice-based shampoo bars online to women who care about natural ingredients, want to live more sustainably, and love the feel of of Viori products when compared to the mass produced shampoos and conditioners you might find in a grocery store or pharmacy. Which is why they developed an extremely loyal fan base and over 42,000 5-star reviews. In January 2022, Viori switched to Klaviyo from ActiveCampaign and Attentive.

Getting personalized with Klaviyo and Electriq


Selling an experiential product online has its challenges. While telling stories on Youtube and Tiktok advertising helped grow Viori’s initial purchases, it wasn’t enough. To drive retention, re-orders, and subscriptions Viori needed a marketing tech stack that allowed them to send timely, coordinated, and personalized messages based on the preferences of each customer they serve.

We used ActiveCampaign to start, but we needed to mature our flows to grow the business. And even though ActiveCampaign has SMS, we had to do it on a different platform because their SMS was not manageable. That meant we had SMS on Attentive and email on ActiveCampaign so Klaviyo was an opportunity to consolidate everything with segmentations CRM and messaging in one place. It made all the sense in the world.

Chase Sagum, CMO at Viori


Working with Klaviyo Master Elite Partner, Electriq, Viori was able to move everything over to Klaviyo and take advantage of the data they had on hand, as well as collecting more. More importantly, Electriq made the transition seamless – building out the flows they needed as a backbone for the strategy and teaching them how to easily run SMS and email campaigns.

What drives the thought behind the core structure of Viori SMS is keeping a conversational skeleton. We want the customers to ask us questions and try new things! The strategy behind Email + SMS when woven together is unique timing and messaging that targets the customer at the right moment in their customer journey. A new customer doesn’t need the messaging that a repeat purchaser gets and vice-versa.

Stephanie Contreras, Viori’s Email and SMS Specialist at Electriq


Viori’s strategy now includes big revenue drivers like limited product drops that sell out almost immediately, holiday promotions like their Mother’s day campaign that drove over $12,000 in initial purchases via three texts, and an automated way to inspire re-purchases every month among those customers who don’t want to be automatically billed, but want to buy regularly. 

Our average order value is around $30. And when we’re doing our 20% off Mother’s Day campaign and generating $12,000 in revenue, that is a lot of orders, and it’s moving a lot of transactions from SMS. The execution of a campaign is so unbelievably easy because all the segmentation is already played out. I can just use some simple language based off of our established Mother’s Day marketing campaign, hit send, and off we go. The SMS side is literally the easiest part of all of it.

Chase Sagum, CMO at Viori

Next up for Viori is taking greater advantage of Klaviyo’s data capabilities to send even more personalized messages that drive upsell and cross-sell for the brand.

We’re doing great, but we haven’t mastered upsell yet. And we’re really working hard at that using Klaviyo. For example, we have a really cool quiz tool on our site that captures the hair type and we want to weave it into our Klaviyo account and integrate it as custom properties. I’m really excited to do that, because that’s going to feed this incredibly complicated set of automations that are not hard to set up because of the way Klaviyo is built.

Chase Sagum, CMO at Viori