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You need data to drive your marketing

And that data lives in different places – like your ecommerce platform, your payment processor, your website, marketing tools, helpdesk systems, and more. Klaviyo makes it easy to pull all that data into one place, so you can use it to make your marketing more relevant.


Comprehensive integrations

You need to know more than whether someone purchased – you need to know what they bought, when they did it, how many times, how much they spent, how many visits it took, and what campaign you can attribute the purchase to. For starters, anyway. That’s what Klaviyo one-click integrations let you do. And that’s what makes Klaviyo different.

Automated data syncing

Data that is out of date – or just plain wrong – is of zero use to you. Ecommerce marketers need accurate data, and they need it in real-time. That’s why Klaviyo’s integrations sync automatically. You can trust that your personalization and targeting is based on the latest and greatest information. No manual uploads, data scrubbing or jumping through hoops required.

Powerful API

Klaviyo’s one-click integrations make it possible to get the information you need out of third party apps in minutes. But if you’re using a tool we don’t yet integrate with; or if you rely on your own custom ecommerce integration, fear not: Klaviyo’s well-documented open API makes it easy to get your data where it needs to go. Your developers will thank you.

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Klaviyo's Shopify integration lets you easily pull in all purchase and checkout data. Shopify Plus users can also create dynamically generated single-use coupon codes.

Klaviyo connects to Magento via the API and an extension to get a complete history of purchase and checkout data and what products and categories are viewed.

Don't see your integration? Our API makes it easy to integrate just about anything.
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Trigger emails based on product delivery for perfectly timed follow-ups and cross-sell.

Pull in information on pre-orders and use it to send status updates.

Integrate data from your loyalty platform, so you can run campaigns based on referral activity and more.

Use Klaviyo lists and segments to power your Facebook ads.

Use information on who's attending your events to segment, target and trigger.

Send all the data you've hooked up to Segment into Klaviyo.

Don't see your integration here?
Use our API to integrate just about anything.

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