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During Klaviyo:BOS a few of our favorite ecommerce (and internal Klaviyo) podcasts set up recording shop.

After talking with attendees at the multi-city Klaviyo Workshop series this spring, we knew that podcasts were one of ecommerce marketers’ favorite ways to learn more about marketing. So we made sure Klaviyo:BOS was wired for podcasts.

If you build it, they will come

We hosted a combination of external and internal podcasters covering ecommerce business, marketing, design, and engineering. There were a number of Klaviyo:BOS-recorded shows that have come out since the conference – so let’s take a look!

Ecommerce Uncensored: Growing your email list with Brian WhalleyImage of 2 men with microphones recording an ecommerce podcast

In this first episode of several shows recorded at Klaviyo:BOS, Ecommerce Uncensored interviewed Klaviyo Director of Product, Brian Whalley. They cover Brian’s talk in the event’s Email Strategy track that dove deep into growing an email list with high value subscribers. Future episodes will cover smart ecommerce marketing and AI-powered models.

Listen here!

My Wife Quit Her Job: Email marketing takeaways from Klaviyo con

In this episode, host Steve Chou recaps Day One with co-host Toni Anderson and Austin Brawner.

There will be an upcoming Day Two episode where Steve recaps the day and talks with Klaviyo engineers about email deliverability.

Listen here!

Klaviyo design podcast

Internally, the designers from our marketing and product teams have been publishing a podcast centered around great design – and the design of this event was definitely worth talking about. The design crew peels back the clings (that’s designer for “large sticker”), to cover what went into the months-long design process for a full scale conference.

This last year, Klaviyo has completely rebranded, overhauled the website, and then brought the brand into a real-life experience with Klaviyo:BOS. The live conference – with 350+ customers, partners, and ecommerce companies in attendance – was a great way to see the real-world impact of the design team’s work.

Listen Here!

Engineering podcastClose up of engineer on laptop, talking into mic for ecommerce podcast

Our engineering team has regularly been recording episodes of their podcast centered around engineering at Klaviyo. It is only accessible internally to Klaviyos, but thanks to the onsite podcasting space, they were able to record a fascinating talk with engineering leaders about scaling software, using the event location and content as inspiration.  

Can’t get enough podcasts?

We were excited to be joined by the stars of My Wife Quit Her Job and Ecommerce Fuel, as well as have our designers highlight their work on their own podcast. If you haven’t already subscribed to these shows, we highly recommend it.

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