Episode 1

The Italian wedding that saved Andie Swim

This week on And Then This Happened, listen to the story of Melanie Travis and Andie Swim.

Episode 1

About the episode

Coming from the tech world—without any experience in fashion or apparel—Melanie Travis wasn’t an obvious choice to become a swimwear designer. But after a long, iterative process to create the “little black dress” of bathing suits, women fell in love with Andie Swim. The only problem? Money was running out, and Melanie realized she would likely have to shut down the business. And then this happened.

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Listen to find out

  • How Travis founded Andie Swim
  • How the brand almost ran out of money
  • How a chance connection saved the company
  • How Melanie transitioned from founder with an idea to fearless leader

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