Episode 4

The crying-in-the-car moment behind Cadence

This week on And Then This Happened, listen to the story of Steph Hon and Cadence.

Episode 4

About the episode

While Steph Hon was on a rock climbing trip, she stumbled onto a business idea: travel capsules that would be more innovative, sustainable, and thoughtful than traditional single-use plastic containers. But she knew that creating the product she wanted to bring to market would take years of prototyping. After searching far and wide for an engineer that would make her dreams a reality, she found one. And then this happened.

Listen to find out

  • How Steph decided came up with the idea for Cadence
  • How Steph’s background in dance and film gave her invaluable skills as a founder
  • How she continuously persevered despite challenges and rejections
  • Why it took years of prototyping to achieve Steph’s vision

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