Episode 9

The calm during Brightland’s storm

This week on And Then This Happened, listen to the story of Aishwarya Iyer and Brightland.

Episode 9

About the episode

Aishwarya Iyer was living in New York, cooking often, and started thinking about where the fundamental ingredients from her pantry were actually from. She realized she had no idea what good or bad olive oil actually meant, and this led Aishwarya to start looking into a way to source and produce a better olive oil, and she moved to California to meet different farmers and continue her learning. Aishwarya was new to the world of food, but she believed that there was a real opportunity to disrupt the industry with Brightland. And then this happened.

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Listen to find out

  • How Aishwarya came up with the idea for Brightland
  • Why launching Brightland took almost 3 years
  • How Aishwarya stays calm in a crisis
  • The moments that have made it all worth it

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