Episode 6

The risk-averse approach to A Dozen Cousins

This week on And Then This Happened, listen to the story of Ibraheem Basir and A Dozen Cousins.

Episode 6

About the episode

Ibraheem Basir started his career at General Mills, where he worked on iconic brands like Annie’s and had the opportunity to learn about sourcing and ingredient quality—and that’s when he had the idea for A Dozen Cousins. Ibraheem wanted to make food that was good for people and that also evoked the same feelings he associated with his childhood. At first, the business was bringing in enough to cover rent, but what Ibraheem really needed was to get into retail. And then this happened.

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Listen to find out

  • How Ibraheem’s time at General Mills lead him to found A Dozen Cousins
  • How he manages risk as a business owner and a father
  • The importance of cultivating a strong internal voice
  • A Dozen Cousins’ milestones, including launching in Whole Foods

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