Episode 10

The CEO that stepped up for Baked by Melissa

This week on And Then This Happened, listen to the story of Melissa Ben-Ishay and Baked by Melissa.

Episode 9

About the episode

When Melissa Ben-Ishay was fired from her advertising job in 2008, she decided to turn to the one thing she knew she could always count on to make her happy—baking. She made 250 cupcakes and sent them into her friend’s work the next day. They were such a hit, Melissa and her brother decided to go into business together, and Baked by Melissa was born. For years, Melissa was the chief product officer and the face of the company, while her brother held the position of CEO of the company. And then this happened.

Listen to find out

  • How Melissa transitioned from entrepreneur to CEO
  • Why it’s important for her to have a clear set of priorities
  • How Melissa reframes challenges into opportunities
  • How she leads by empowering her team

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