Episode 5

The untraditional path to Jones Road Beauty

This week on And Then This Happened, listen to the story of Eli Weiss, and the journey that landed him at Jones Road Beauty.

Episode 5

About the episode

Eli Weiss grew up among 9 other siblings in an Orthodox Jewish household without TV, internet, or a secular education. But Eli wanted to break into the “real world.” After moving between New York City and Israel, traveling across Europe on credit card points, getting his high school diploma, and working for several startups, Eli was looking for his next challenge. So he did what any entrepreneurial-minded person would—he started his own brand, which aimed to solve men’s hair loss. And then this happened.

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Listen to find out

  • How Eli’s childhood shaped his life outlook
  • His journey breaking into the “real world” and the myriad of careers he pursued
  • How he developed a passion for customer experience
  • What Eli looks for in a work environment and how he ended up at Jones Road Beauty

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