Episode 1

The Importance of Grit

Listen to the story of Erica Liu Williams and gr8nola.

Episode 1

About the episode

Erica Liu Williams is a former Olympic trials swimmer and Silicon Valley techie, so it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about ambition, perseverance, and determination. Today, Erica’s career looks a lot different—she works full-time as the founder of gr8nola, a granola brand you can find in the kitchens at big tech company headquarters (think: Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, and Slack). Erica also sells her wildly delicious superfood snack through gr8nola’s website, on Amazon, and in select retailers.

Listen to find out

  • How Erica went all in on gr8nola and held herself accountable
  • How she motivates herself during difficult times
  • Where she turns for support when self-doubt creeps in

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