Episode 5

Working with Co-founders

Listen to the story of Lizzie Carter, Founder/Director of Only Curls

Episode 5

About the episode

Lizzie Carter began her career in the fashion industry but had the itch to start a business of her own with her partner, Hugo Lewis. Then one day, Lizzie was looking for the perfect solution for her own hair, and she quickly realized there was a huge gap in the market. Curly hair had largely been neglected in the beauty sector, especially in the UK. In response, Lizzie and Hugo created Only Curls, a London-based haircare line made specifically to help people across the UK manage and maintain their luscious locks.

Listen to find out

  • Her and Hugo’s dynamic as co-founders
  • How the duo navigates disagreements
  • Her advice for picking a business partner
  • A difficult time her and Hugo worked through together

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