Customer data ownership

The the privacy-first web might not be here yet, but consumers (and politicians) continue to demand it. Don't be caught behind the curve. Customer data ownership (i.e. the collection and usage of first-party and zero-party data) is essential for the next era of ecommerce.

Customer data ownership articles

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15 Customer-First Data™ points you want to collect

Customer-First Data isn’t just the new way forward for ecommerce brands, it’s the only way forward. Here’s what to collect and how to use it.

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Tracey Wallace
25min read
retain customer beyond the holiday
7 Ways to Collect Customer-First Data™

Learn how the holiday sales playbook has changed and discover real-life examples to retain customers using post holiday using customer-first data.

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Kaleigh Moore
14min read
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You won’t miss third-party data

Klaviyo CMO, Kady Srinivasan offers advice for third-party data: it is dead. Digital experiences should be personalized to scale with Customer-First Data™.

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Kady Srinivasan
10min read
How to increase UK customer retention

As lockdowns lift and consumers get distracted, how can you increase customer retention for your ecommerce business? Read these expert tips.

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Leya Leydiker
7min read