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November 30, 2023
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Some businesses operate solely online. Some only have brick-and-mortar locations.

But more and more, brands are adopting a two-pronged approach to cast a wider net and capture shoppers regardless of how and where they like to shop.

That’s good news for consumers. If you don’t live near a physical store of your favorite brand, no bother—you can shop their inventory from the comfort of your couch. But for business owners, operationally, things become a bit more complicated.

Ideally, you don’t want to create data silos. You want to track what’s happening in-store in the same system you use to track online activity. Otherwise, you’ll have data gaps that could steal your cross-sell thunder or an opportunity to nurture customers.

Stone Brewing knows all too well what happens when an omnichannel tech stack doesn’t gel—which is why, now, they use Klaviyo as the bridge between in-store and digital experiences.

Partner with an integrated marketing platform to keep a pulse on your entire ecosystem

With much of Stone Brewing’s tech stack connected to Klaviyo, the team puts their centralized customer data to work in innovative ways that drive business value.

Here’s one example:

  1. Activate the data you have: Stone Brewing collects email marketing subscribers from in-person customers at their breweries via the GoTab x Klaviyo integration.
  2. Connect with your customers: Stone Brewing connects with customers in-person at 7 physical locations, and digitally via email marketing and an online store.
  3. Guide your marketing efforts using smart features: Using Klaviyo’s APIs and automation tools, Stone set up a custom trigger event in their welcome flow—one of the many in Klaviyo’s pre-built flow library—for people who join their list at taprooms and breweries. The automated email offers IRL visitors a specialized discount for online merchandise.
  4. Grow toward your goals: This popular cross-sell offer has helped drive 62.8% YoY growth in revenue from flows YTD.

Make marketing easier with out-of-box flow templates, designed to convert

Marketers often wear a lot of hats—writer, designer, operator, strategic overseer.

Klaviyo wants to take things off your plate, not add to it—which is one of the reasons it’s so easy to get automations up and running on the platform.

See for yourself:

  1. Navigate to the Flows tab and choose to either create a flow or browse the flow library.
  2. Pick out a flow based on a particular marketing goal, ecommerce integration, and messaging channel (SMS, email, or both).
  3. Or, if you know what you’re looking for, use the toolbar at the top to refine your search.
  4. Simply click the tile to create your flow.

Ta-da—you’re off to the races.

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Emily Riedy
Emily Riedy
Content marketing manager
Emily Riedy is a content marketing manager at Klaviyo where she works to publish content to educate and inspire online businesses owners and email marketers. Owned marketing channels are a means to building a substantial customer base for the long-term, and the content Emily is most passionate about helps business operators create strong business foundations in owned marketing principles. Before Klaviyo, Emily worked at a paid ads agency helping businesses transform their approach to digital advertising. When she's not strategizing marketing content, she is running around the streets of Boston training for whatever race is next up on the docket. She lives in the South End with her 2 year-old basenji Fig and frequents (probably too regularly) the local Spanish tapas spot.