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The SMS marketing consumer sentiment report
The advanced marketing automation guide

How fast-growing brands automate to scale

Successful marketing automation not only streamlines workflows and marketing tasks and maximizes your team’s efficiency. It also helps you better understand your customers and prospects, and improves those relationships by surfacing more relevant content for them, precisely when they’re most likely to act on it.

The next transformation in retail is here

Tech stacks built for omnichannel experiences

The digital transformation of the last decade may have been about the move from on-premise to cloud and SaaS technologies, but the next era is here—and it’s about holistic experiences that require not just the collection of accurate customer data, but the activation of it, too.

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Customer-first marketing

The new ecommerce brand playbook for the privacy-first era

This is the new playbook for ecommerce brands looking to grow more sustainably and through owned marketing channels. Dive in to get a play-by-play how-to, and then implement this new set of tactics for own business ASAP.

retain customer beyond the holiday

More benchmark reports

From BFCM and email automation to more specific metrics like abandoned cart, dive on in to Klaviyo's vast database of proprietary metrics.

The ecommerce email segmentation & automation report

Discover how email segmentation is delivering revenue for more than 150K Klaviyo customers. We crunched the data from more than 1B of their emails to find out.

The BFCM benchmark report

We examined over $300 million worth of sales across two years to understand how relationship building and planning impact Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. This is what we learned, and what you should know right now.

The abandoned cart benchmark report

We analyzed more than 9M abandoned cart emails to bring you data on cart recovery rates, subject lines, and which discounts get customers to seal the deal.

The marketing segmentation report

Getting the right message to the right person at the right time is easier said than done, so we analyzed over 250B emails to define the segments that deliver the best results.

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