Nine by Nine:

81 Brands Changing Modern Ecommerce

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What makes a brand meaningful? Which brands are leading the pack during this pivotal moment for ecommerce?

Klaviyo recently teamed up with our partners at Future Commerce to better understand which brands have staying power and why they’re so beloved. The results of that research are summarized and dissected in a new report, Nine by Nine: 81 Brands Changing Our World.

This is not a list. This inaugural report spotlights brands that are distinguishing themselves by making a difference across nine categories that will define the future of ecommerce.

Explore the research, discover key report findings, and have your questions answered in our upcoming webinar featuring expert insights by Phillip Jackson and Brian Lange, co-founders of Future Commerce.

You’ll learn:
– Nine categories of modern ecommerce, and why each is important
– Which brands are dominating in each retail category
– Why these brands have amassed such loyal followings
– How you can emulate these brands and grow deeper customer relationships