6 Text Message Marketing Strategies To Connect With Your Customers

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published on April 15, 2020. It has been updated to reflect current insights and data.

Most of your customers are glued to their smartphones. 

As a marketer, you know how critical it is to send relevant, personalized messages. Texts are instantaneous and personal—when used appropriately, they can be a huge opportunity to reach and engage your customers. That’s why it’s important to use your SMS marketing campaigns to create a memorable experience. 

But how do you collect phone numbers in addition to email addresses? What do you offer your subscribers to get them to sign up to receive texts? How do you send both text messages and emails to subscribers without over-sending?

You can quickly implement an SMS marketing strategy through: 

1 | Discounts and sale text campaigns

Who doesn’t love a good discount? The most popular way to incorporate texts into your marketing strategy is to invite your site visitors to become the first to hear about your promotions by subscribing to your SMS list. 

Your loyal customers probably like to be kept in the know, so enticing them to subscribe for a “first look” at your upcoming offers in exchange for their phone number is an effective way to collect SMS sign ups.  

Running a flash sale? Offering a specific discount on your newest collection? Send a text message to your subscribers informing them of the sale’s launch, which products or collections are included, and when the sale will end.

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2 | New product releases SMS

Another way to communicate with your subscribers through SMS marketing is by notifying them of your newest products or collections. This is especially impactful for brands that keep limited inventory and tend to sell out during new product launches.

You can apply this strategy to let your customers know what’s coming soon and to send them an alert when the new arrivals drop. This way your SMS subscribers can immediately head to your site to start shopping.

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3 | Event promotions subscription

If you normally host or participate in in-person events like trade shows or, currently, virtual events like webinars, texts are a great way to promote them. You can easily direct subscribers to a registration page and even use SMS as a way to remind registrants of your event when the day arrives.

You could use location-based segmentation to find those who live nearby, which ensures you’re only sending relevant information to your subscribers. For virtual events, you could also use location-based segmentation to send messages to select customers based on the time zone of the event.

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4 | Post-purchase follow-ups

Following up with customers who have recently made a purchase is another great way to implement text messages.

Does your product require special care or assembly instructions? Send that information directly to your customers in a text after they buy a specific item or collection.

No special instructions to share? Alternatively, you can use texts to keep your customers informed of their shipping status so they can run out to the mailbox as soon as their package arrives—it’s totally normal to get a bit antsy while waiting for an exciting delivery.

signup forms for product instructions

5 | VIP/loyalty program notifications

If SMS is new for your business and you want to test it out, try messaging a smaller portion of your subscribers first by targeting your VIPs.

Whether you already have a VIP program in place or you’re looking to get one started, rewarding your top customers and fostering brand loyalty is an effective way to use text messages because they’re already familiar with your brand.

Thank your customers who have reached VIP status, give your VIPs first access to new products and collections, or offer them special and extended discounts.

signup form for VIP program

6 | Back-in-stock notifications

Once you’ve notified your SMS subscribers of your new products, you may come to find your popular items are running out of stock. Or, you could be experiencing supply chain issues that limit the amount of inventory you’re able to order and offer to your customers, which would also cause your products to run out of stock.

Have no fear—your subscribers can opt-in to receive a text message as soon as the item they’re after is back in stock. You can even use this strategy alongside your VIP program by sending a text to your VIPs a few hours before the rest of your subscriber list.

signup form for back-in-stock notifications

Choose the SMS strategy that’s best for you  

You have the opportunity to select from a variety of strategies when launching SMS. Think about the different elements of your business, like your promotional offers, event schedule, and upcoming product releases, to uncover the best place to begin.

Regardless of the specific strategy you choose, the key to a successful text message program is to keep your messaging personalized and relevant to your audience—and their specific interests. By doing so, you’ll build valuable and lasting relationships with your customers.

Want more ideas on how to incorporate texts into your marketing strategy? These tips will help you build deeper relationships with your customers.

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