Marketing automation that fuels data-driven growth

Send hyper-personalized, targeted messages with Klaviyo’s intelligent marketing automation platform. With your data in one place, you can easily automate your workflow across marketing channels.

High-tech, low-stress marketing automation

Better, scalable, more personal cross-channel customer experiences—that’s the promise of marketing automation. But too often, time is wasted wrestling complex tech or cobbling together workarounds (which feels very not automatic).

With Klaviyo, you don’t need to choose between power and ease. Seamlessly integrate your tech stack and use the full power of your customer data to truly automate personalized experiences that captivate attention and drive results.

One platform, powerful customer experiences across channels

Activate all your data to maximize customer engagement

350+ integrations unify customer data across your tech stack and unlock new ways to use it.

Real-time segmentation enables uniquely personal, perfectly timed experiences for each customer.

Pre-built, customizable flows automatically trigger personalized messages across channels.

Multichannel campaigns capitalize on the urgency of the latest promo, holiday, new release, and more.

A flow next to a phone showing a product recommendation email

AI and smart insights for faster execution and better results

Klaviyo AI instantly builds segments, flows, emails, and texts—and predicts order dates, lifetime values, churn risk, and more.

Custom benchmarks, tailored to your industry, take the guesswork out of where to focus.

Analytics and reporting deliver accurate cross-channel attribution, clear visualization, and powerful insights.

Product snippet showing custom properties for a customer and their predictive customer lifetime value

Tecovas grew revenue 138.8% with Klaviyo automations

I would definitely recommend Klaviyo. The customer support is great, and the numbers we’re seeing from our abandonment flows and campaign sends have been impressive. We have so much room left to explore, too.”
Megan Edwards, email marketing manager, Tecovas
Klaviyo and Tecovas logos over image of someone riding a horse from behind, with a graphic of 138.8% revenue increase with automations

Frequently asked questions about marketing automation

Marketing automation helps you complete tasks across your entire customer experience without having to be hands-on. With Klaviyo’s intelligent marketing automation software, you can automate personalized content with your data—without pressing send—and get a complete view of every customer. For example, build cross-channel experiences with email, SMS, and push notifications in the same flow—with consolidated reports in one place.

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