A Marketer’s Dream: How GhostBed’s SMS Strategy Achieved Immediate Results

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After three (yes, three) neck surgeries, CEO Marc Werner needed to find an extra comfortable, supportive pillow and mattress for his neck and back. When he couldn’t find one on the market, he decided to make his own, and thus GhostBed was created. Marc and the GhostBed team have made mattresses their life and aim to make a difference by providing a better, more comfortable night’s sleep for their customers.

But as the company grew to comfort more and more customers, they needed a marketing automation platform that would scale alongside the business. GhostBed signed up for Klaviyo in April 2019 for two key reasons.

First, Klaviyo allowed GhostBed to build and manage all of their customer experiences across both email and SMS from a single screen. For automations like an abandoned cart, GhostBed didn’t have the ability to test or use specific customer data to personalize the experience with their previous provider. But GhostBed immediately recognized Klaviyo’s ability to build, manage, and test every automation across both email and text. They were excited to see what they could learn and how they could improve their existing automations.

Second, Klaviyo offered increased data and visibility into their customer actions and behaviors. As GhostBed started out in Klaviyo, they saw the level of data available about their customers and how accessible it was to improve their marketing. Combine that with the ability to immediately see the performance of every message in their automations, and GhostBed knew they could improve their SMS results by moving to Klaviyo.

Klaviyo tracks everything about our customers. I get all the data, all the metrics, all the preferences, all the conversion tracking right in a single customer profile. It’s perfect—a marketer’s dream.

Ashley Werner, Director of Social Communications, GhostBed

The results for GhostBed are outstanding since the switch to Klaviyo. In the first two weeks alone, GhostBed earned $44,105 from their SMS welcome series.

GhostBed started by collecting phone numbers and consent.

Then they created two different Klaviyo forms:

  • These forms targeted two distinct audiences, current email subscribers and non-subscribers, using Klaviyo’s segment-targeting for pop-ups.
  • The first form targeted current email subscribers asking only for their phone number. The second form collects both emails and phone numbers from only new visitors.
  • Both forms offered a 25 percent discount with two free pillows and early access to new deals and promotions coming in the future.
  • This targeting strategy collected 4,200 subscribers with a signup rate of 3.8 percent
Screenshot of SMS messages from GhostBed on an iPhone.

The forms dropped people immediately into a multi-channels welcome series. The first message instantly provided the code via SMS and a link to use the discount at the store. This message produced a 32 percent click rate, 2.5 percent placed order rate, and has generated $77,600 in revenue—a return on investment (ROI) of over 200x!

The results speak for themselves. The tools available in Klaviyo help us do everything we need, from getting started quickly to collecting SMS subscribers from both new and existing customers. We’re sending well-targeted messages that generate revenue for our brand.

Ashley Werner, Director of Social Communications, GhostBed

With SMS and email together in Klaviyo, GhostBed can understand which channel their customers prefer and send them messages that suit their preferences. And following the success of this text message program, they can easily see who subscribed to SMS and who purchased from their SMS automation. In the future, they can use that behavior to target the right subscribers with a text message instead of an email—rather than guessing or sending the same message to the entire list.

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