The Top 10 Signup Forms of 2020

signup form examples

From a global pandemic to mysterious desert monoliths and Tiger King, you could describe almost every aspect of 2020 as “unpredictable.” But one thing that remains consistent? Signup forms are continuously a great way to build your email list.

Whether you use a pop-up, flyout, embedded form, or a mix of all three, you’ve likely experienced the power of putting a signup form on your website to collect shoppers’ email addresses.

Of course, not all signup forms are created equal. But what goes into a high-performing signup form? 

During the Klaviyo Holiday Show, I covered the top 10 signup forms Klaviyo customers used in 2020 to give you better insight into what design, copy, and offers convert customers. 

Collectively, these signup forms received an average submission rate of over 44 percent—over 10 times the industry average for signup form submissions—which is pretty incredible. Watch below or keep reading to find out more.


Signup form basics: a few factors to keep in mind

A few themes emerged with the top 10 signup forms, and observing these patterns can help inform your signup form creation and implementation strategy.

  • Think clean. Your design should be simple, and if you’re going to integrate an embedded form into your website, make sure it’s going to fit in seamlessly.
  • Gather wisely. Some subscribers will provide information immediately. Others may need to build a relationship with your brand prior to providing further information about themselves. Consider these different users and test wisely.
  • Use your resources. Are there specific brands that you sell that customers consistently buy? Maybe you can do a giveaway for one of those items or partner with a brand that you’re connected to throughout the industry.
  • Test your ideas. A/B testing your signup forms can allow you to determine what messaging your audience responds to and what offers are best for your customer base. 

Now, let’s dive into the top signup forms of 2020 and discover how brands are using them to build their subscriber base and reach out to their customers.

The top 10 signup forms

Without further ado, here are the 10 top signup forms of 2020 and what makes them successful.

Tied for 10 | Off The Hook and Sophie Allport

signup form off the hook

Off The Hook is a premium apparel and sneaker boutique based out of Montreal, Canada. In addition, they also have a winning signup form—and not just because it features a raffle.

Marketers Focus: Their signup form features a strong hero image, clean overall design, and clearly communicates how subscribers can win the raffle. Plus, it gathers a variety of information, including shoe size and Instagram handle, that will allow them to reach out to their subscribers through multiple channels in a more personalized way. 

signup form examples Sophie Allport

Tied with Off The Hook comes this signup form from houseware and gardening brand Sophie Allport. Sophie’s work is a celebration of British wildlife and country lifestyle across more than 2,500 products—and their signup form appropriately echos the website’s minimal design. 

Additionally, Sophie Allport provided their subscribers with the opportunity to share their birthdays as well as the option to subscribe to their giveaway partners’ email marketing. 

Marketers Focus: Collecting birth dates in a signup form is a great idea by Sophie Allport as they can use this data point in their email automations to personalize their messaging and wish customers a Happy Birthday.

9 | Bellesa Boutique

signup form examples bellesa boutique

Bellesa Boutique is a Canadian specialty toy shop for women. Their form utilized a brand partnership with a major online news platform, requested minimal information from their subscribers and provided an enticing call to action (CTA). These three features combined resulted in an extremely high subscription rate.

8 | Corporate

signup form examples corporate

Corporate is the premier sneaker and clothing boutique serving Cincinnati and the Tri-State area. Corporate also serves as a beacon to the community by highlighting local brands and artists to expand their reach, and by helping teens through their nonprofit, Bigger Than Sneakers.

Marketers Focus: Their signup form highlighted brand recognition and a giveaway with minimal design. They requested specific targeting information about shoppers, such as their size, and made the form easy fill out, which resulted in an incredibly high submission rate by site visitors. 

7 | Love Wellness

signup form examples love wellness

Love Wellness is a women’s health and beauty brand based out of New York that sells supplements made to support full body wellness for all of their customers. 

Love Wellness incorporates a signup form into their product quiz for their new subscribers. This is not only a great way to get customers interacting with the brand through a quiz, the form also helps to collect data on customer preferences.

Marketers Focus: Along with this unique purpose, this allows Love Wellness to personalize emails, and it also clearly states what the customer is agreeing to by filling out this form. All these elements combined create an exceptional customer experience for anyone who visits Love Wellness.

6 | Bubbly Belle

signup form examples bubbly belle

Bubbly Belle is a Florida-based brand that has helped over 500,000 customers slow down, relax, and feel rejuvenated with their bath bombs.

Marketers Focus: This form provided explicit instruction to subscribers and an ease of submission. Bubbly Belle collected first names for personalization and ensured that consistent branding was at the forefront of their form design. 

5 | Love Your Melon

signup form examples love your melon

Love Your Melon’s purpose is to have a meaningful and positive social impact, specifically by improving the lives of children battling cancer by giving more than $7.2 million to the fight against pediatric cancer and over 200,000 of their signature hats to children battling cancer. 

Marketers Focus: So what made their form so special? Once again, featuring a minimal design, this form uses one-step submission along with a direct CTA and familiar colors that enforce consistent branding across their website. Plus, offering the opportunity to unlcok early access creates on products and promotions creates a feeling of of exclusivity, which is an affective way to turn site visitors into subscribers without relying on a dollars or percent-off discount.

4 | SchoolMaskPack

signup form examples schoolmaskpack

One of the most sought after products this year has been face masks. SchoolMaskPack, an apparel and accessories brand from Thailand, saw this need and stepped in. They provided their customers with an opportunity to win free face masks using a pop-up signup form. 

They used this form to run a relevant giveaway that was considerate of their customer’s shopping experience. Not to mention, they acquired more than 250,000 new subscribers in only 90 days using this form.

Marketers Focus: “By looking at data and A/B testing different options, we determined that this form was the best solution for us to acquire new subscribers to our page. Even after six months, we’re seeing a huge number of increases in this form,” said George Hartel, the chief commercial officer of

3 | MaryRuth’s 

signup form examples maryruths

MaryRuth’s is a California-based brand that offers high-quality supplements that are formulated with non-GMO plant-based vegan ingredients. 

Their form signup has a strong offer for new subscribers and a clear CTA. Plus, the team at MaryRuth’s have taken their signup form strategy to the next level by using A/B testing to determine the best time to collect phone numbers from their subscribers. 

“We only show the form to new users and wanted to understand whether asking for phone numbers would affect the conversion rate or not, so we did an A/B test and found a three percent better conversion when we didn’t include the phone number field and asked for it at a later stage in the customer journey,” said MaryRuth’s marketing manager, 

Marketers Focus: “There’s no secret sauce. just keep testing and keep improving. That’s the only way we can improve our business,” he said.

2 | Princess Polly

signup form examples princess polly

Australian apparel brand Princess Polly‘s collections are inspired by the latest trends in fashion and pop culture. But their form is equally impressive as their style.

“The strategy behind the form was that we were trying to give back to our customers during a really tough time. It was the ultimate item to give away for Australian customers and we wanted to give them something back when everyone was staying at home and locked down because of COVID,” said Michaela, ecommerce manager at Princess Polly.

Marketers Focus: As for her advice to other marketers when creating their forms? Michaela suggests making everything as frictionless as possible by moving the countries your customers are most often from to the top of the country dropdown list

1 | Oodie

signup form examples oodie

This form built by the Chronos Agency team and hosted on their website features creative use of form features, specifically the pop-up overlay capability with a clear CTA, stand out design, and clever copy that relates the Oodie to a hug.

“Our winning strategy behind Oodie’s pop-up was to create a form that used both colors against the websites, more muted color design, and to make it look like the woman was popping out of the form so it stood out. We created this for anyone who visited the website. So we spent more attention to detail on display timing and settings and we did that by looking at the customer’s behavior on the website itself,” said Miles, senior email marketing manager at Chronos agency.

Marketers Focus: “The best tip that I have for anyone who wants to create a high-performing form is first, always A/B test. You never know what works unless you have the data to back it up. Also, always look at your form against your website’s actual design, because that’s how you’ll know if the form stands out against your website’s background,” she said.

Final thoughts

To create a high-performing signup form, you don’t need flashy graphics and long narratives. In fact, most times, the simplest forms are the most successful.

By using these brands as inspiration, following signup form basics, and sticking to your brand, you can also watch your signup form submission rates skyrocket in 2021. 

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