Email and SMS marketing for gyms, salons, spas, and more

Sign up more members. Book more appointments. Enhance client engagement. All while saving precious time.

Bring your data together in new ways to engage your clients

Customer retention

Understand your clients on a deeper level

Klaviyo syncs with the digital platforms you already use to give you a unified, in-depth, real-time view of your clients.

Use this client data to enrich your email, SMS, and mobile push messages with relevant content that keeps clients coming back.

  • Welcome sequences for new clients
  • Abandoned booking flows
  • Service bookings reminders
  • Location-specific offers and events
  • Exclusive wellness tips and insights
  • Seasonal package deals
  • Discount vouchers and promotions
  • Membership loyalty perks
  • Anniversaries and milestones
  • Product or service upselling
A phone showing an MMS message with an image of a person in a jacuzzi, next to a product view of an activity log of a customer's actions and the flow that triggered the text message

Tailored segmentation for clear communication

Klaviyo flexes to suit your unique business, making it easy to send targeted messages to precisely the right clients.

New customer acquisition

Better ways to boost your client roster

Convert website visitors into clients
The magic of individualized marketing starts with obtaining contact details. Klaviyo’s web forms provide an effortless way for prospects to engage.

Discover new people who want what you offer
Klaviyo helps you understand your clients better. From there, you can connect with ad networks like Google and Facebook to create lookalike audiences—finding new clients who are more likely to love your services.

A segmentation snippet targeting engaged clients alongside the Facebook ad encouraging them to book a spa treatment with a discount, over an image of a woman having her head massaged
Custom reporting & analytics

Get a solid understanding of what’s driving growth

Klaviyo’s reporting and analytics offer pre-built reports and custom dashboards to give you a nuanced grasp of what’s spurring business growth.


  • Identify top revenue channels
  • Recognize growth opportunities
  • Optimize resources and manage expenses
  • Evaluate peak times and services
  • Spot top-selling treatments or trends
  • Analyze results for each distinct audience
  • Pinpoint most popular locations
  • Compare performance across all accounts side-by-side with Klaviyo portfolio
graph and charts showing appointments booked by locations and when

Glowdega grew YoY bookings by 302%

“I am personally seeing around 100 individuals per month, and at the end of the night, sometimes I’m too tired to send a follow-up email that same day. Klaviyo’s flows help a lot with that.”
Hadiyah Daché, founder and owner, Glowdega
Klaviyo and Glowdega logos over a graphic showing 302% year over year bookings, over an image of a woman with her head wrapped in a towel

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Wellness marketing FAQ

Wellness marketing encompasses activities promoting health, fitness, relaxation, and overall well-being. It includes online advertising, social media interaction, and email campaigns. Klaviyo connects with diverse platforms for a cohesive wellness marketing strategy.