Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing is integrated and channel-optimized marketing based on how customers actually shop––which is, everywhere! From your online store to your brick-and-mortar and everything in between, omnichannel marketing requires organization, project management, and an effective tech stack to power it all.

Omnichannel marketing articles

Adobe ecommerce email marketing: 3 reasons to choose Klaviyo

Learn 3 reasons Adobe Commerce merchants choose Klaviyo for Adobe email marketing—and achieve 100x average ROI on the platform.

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Jax Connelly
16min read
blonde girl looking at the road with a phone in her hand and airpods in her ears
The benefits of mobile app marketing

Learn how mobile app marketing and push notifications can add a valuable layer of communication to your most engaged customers.

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Jax Connelly
22min read
Is it time to recalibrate your marketing budget? Here’s where ecomm leaders are investing the most—and least—in 2023

Check out this report to learn more about 2023 ecommerce marketing trends, business priorities, growth channels, and learnings.

Profile photo of author Jax Connelly
Jax Connelly
33min read
Omnichannel vs. multi-channel: The data differential

Omnichannel marketing can help brands deliver a more consistent experience across multiple channels—and improve customer satisfaction.

Profile photo of author Tiffany Regaudie
Direct mail is a growing channel for brands

Use direct mail effectively for marketing with brand examples that use it to enhance their digital presence.

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Kaleigh Moore
28min read
Email and SMS marketing software should be unified

Switching to a unified email and SMS marketing software powered by customer data, like Klaviyo, will vastly improve your SMS marketing.

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Maddy Osman
16min read
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Advertising for ecommerce in a privacy-first world

Ecommerce advertising is imperative for brands, but marketers need to be aware of the data privacy changes and their effects.

Profile photo of author Alexandra McPeak
How WooCommerce stores use Klaviyo

Over 5M websites use WooCommerce today, making it one of the most popular ecommerce platforms for brands. But how can WooCommerce merchants get the most out of this platform that’s known for its unparalleled flexibility? How to integrate Klaviyo WordPress email plugin for Woocommerce stores Woocommerce is a go-to choice for highly growing brands that […]

Aubrey Harper
10min read
holiday marketing channels
Gear up for a successful 2021 holiday season

Learn which channels you should focus on with your holiday marketing strategy to drive deeper customer engagement.

Profile photo of author Emily Riedy
Emily Riedy
8min read