It’s time to break up with third-party data

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Things started off so well: Cookies helped make the web more personal. But then businesses started buying and selling customer data, everybody’s information got a lot less private, and all that behind-the-scenes tracking started to feel more like stalking. Now that regulations are cracking down on third-party data practices, it’s time to move on to a new era of owned marketing—before things get messy.

Data that builds better relationships

Something money can't buy

First-party data (or Customer-First Data™, as we like to call it) is information that you gather directly from your customers. The process isn’t so different from dating: You ask about their interests, get their number when it feels right, and earn their trust. There’s no need to settle for third-party data when you can learn so much through sign-up forms and the activity on your ecommerce store. And all the info you collect is yours.


How brands are adapting

Nomad’s marketing strategy rethinks data privacy.

Dagne Dover adds SMS in response to data privacy changes

Latico Leathers combats data privacy changes with creative content.

Things you might be wondering about

You probably have some questions

Customer-first data™ is data that’s sourced directly from a prospect or customer. It includes both zero-party data (information that someone proactively gives to you, like their email address, phone number or birthday) or first-party data (information observed by a brand about someone on their owned properties, like what products they clicked on your website). All customer-first data™ can be used to create special and personalized communications with individual users.

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