Lookalike audience builder for social ads

Audience targeting tools to get a bigger payoff from social channels

Use Klaviyo’s powerful audience targeting tools to retarget current customers, exclude certain customers from an ad campaign, and find brand new customers with lookalike audience builders.

Make real connections using real-time data
Don’t waste money on ads that miss the mark. Connect Klaviyo with Facebook and Instagram for ultra-relevant targeting that can help you drive more sales, fuel faster list growth, and create great multichannel experiences. It’s all thanks to your real-time data.

Attract more VIP customers

Sync with Facebook and Instagram to create better lookalike audiences for ad targeting.

Build brand awareness

Grow your contact list, gain new customers, and create connections that keep shoppers coming back.

Save time

Real-time data automatically keeps your audiences up-to-date. No spreadsheets required.

Keep on improving

As you gain more contacts and data, your targeting gets even more precise.

Find your future superfans

Chances are, they have a lot in common with the people who already love your brand. So Klaviyo helps you use your current customer data—from behaviors and interests to predictive analytics—to create more precise lookalike audiences for Facebook and Instagram. It’s all about reaching your most promising prospects.

Klaviyo lookalike audience builder shows a best customers on Instagram Story ad for a lookalike audience

Make retargeting ads work harder

Klaviyo’s custom audience tools help you reach the right people based on up-to-the-minute info, so you can show them relevant, product-specific ads based on their latest actions and preferences. Automatically target people who didn’t complete a purchase, win back unengaged customers, and even save money by skipping over recent buyers.

A Facebook ad for a chair is shown beside a shot of the Klaviyo dashboard that showcases an email segment
Pick up where your last interaction left off

Inspire first-time buyers

Send out a special offer that encourages new subscribers to make their first purchase.

Cross-sell smarter

Target recent buyers with ads for products that complement their latest purchases.

Reduce abandoned carts

Remind shoppers about what they left behind with personalized, product-specific ads.

Catch their eyes again

Win back unengaged customers with personalized ads tailored to their preferences.

Stop wasting money

No more haunting customers with ads for their past purchases. Real-time data keeps you relevant.