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May 30, 2024
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With an audience of over 1B users, TikTok has captivated a vast and diverse audience – reaching nearly one in three adults with its ads.

TikTok excels at delivering content that users want to see. And now, brands can leverage this power to present tailored ads to their audience, precisely matched to each stage of the customer journey, thanks to the new Klaviyo x TikTok integration.

With this integration, you can seamlessly merge TikTok’s expansive user base with our sophisticated customer data.

At Klaviyo, empowering brands to make smarter digital relationships is our top priority. We know that personalized marketing matters, and that its power extends beyond email and SMS.

We’re committed to helping our customers craft meaningful experiences for all their customers and prospects, across all channels. This is just the beginning.

The hidden costs of quick, siloed marketing.

We know marketing teams are running leaner than ever.

With organic, paid, and owned channels operating across a fragmented mix of platforms, the resources to personalize paid campaigns based on ecommerce data and owned channel metrics – like purchase history and email engagement – are often lacking.

Integrating these platforms traditionally involves significant developer hours and costs. As a result, it’s often quicker to target purely based on interests and demographics, skipping the deeper personalization that really moves the needle.

However, this speed comes with its own set of costs. Directing paid acquisition campaigns at your existing email and SMS subscribers isn’t the most effective use of your ad budget – and the messaging may not align with their stage in the customer journey.

Moreover, interrupting a personalized and curated social feed like TikTok’s with a generic marketing blast can damage your brand.

Luckily, you no longer have to choose between speed and tailoring your message to different customer journey stages.

We now have an integration for that.

3 opportunities the Klaviyo x Tiktok integration unlocks

With the Klaviyo x TikTok integration, you can effortlessly create more personalized TikTok Ad campaigns by targeting and excluding key segments of your subscriber base. No developer hours needed—it only takes a few clicks.

Here’s what you can achieve with this powerful integration:

  1. Retarget high-intent segments to drive conversions: Target segments like cart abandoners, or previously engaged customers to re-engage them and drive revenue.
  2. Exclude unlikely-to-buy segments to save ad dollars: Exclude specific lists or segments from your ad campaigns, like recent purchasers, or customers with open support tickets, to optimize your ad spend.
  3. Leverage lookalikes to grow your customer base: Build lookalike lists of potential new buyers based on your highest-value customers, like an RFM-based Champions segment.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg—there are so many ways to use this integration. Learn more here.

Moving towards omnichannel personalization

Modern consumers increasingly value personalization—70% want deeper, more personal connections with brands. They want to be treated like individuals.

Meanwhile, modern marketers care about efficiency. Budgets are lean. Teams need to do more with less. That means moving fast, and using software that works with ease.

Creating technology that meets the needs of marketers and consumers is a challenge—and at Klaviyo, we’re committed to meeting that challenge. With the invaluable support of partners like TikTok, we’re rising to this challenge.

I can’t wait to see what you create with this integration.

Jen Kessler
Jen Kessler
VP of Product
Jen Kessler is the VP of product at Klaviyo, where she has scaled an innovative team focused on expanding Klaviyo’s suite of products to better serve the needs of our customers. Previously, she served as senior director of product management for Twilio, where she led multiple API-based product lines and helped lead the diligence and integration for Segment. She also founded Bizzy.io, which was acquired by SendGrid in 2017.