Fire Department Coffee sees 63% increase in revenue from Klaviyo

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 increase in open rate in last 18 months


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Fire Department Coffee is on a mission to make great coffee while supporting firefighters and first responders. Founder Luke Schneider saw first hand how important coffee is to firefighters during his days as a shipboard firefighter in the Navy and as a civilian firefighter in his local town. He started the coffee brand after the coffee he and his wife were roasting together became popular amongst friends and at farmers markets. Fire Department Coffee switched from Mailchimp to Klaviyo when they needed more robust segmentation and automated flows.

Learn how Fire Department Coffee used segments to increase engagement and revenue


As Fire Department Coffee’s order volume and customer base grew, the brand needed a way to communicate with specific groups of customers based on their purchase behavior, rather than emailing all customers at once every month. Fire Department Coffee also needed a way to overcome the challenge of seasonality, as their customers are less likely to buy coffee in the warmer months.

Once it came to a point where we needed to be more robust with email, that’s when we switched over to Klaviyo. The fact that we were able to segment our audience, the fact that we were able to speak to customers specifically about certain products or who were frequent and infrequent buyers, there was so much more that we could do, so many more things that we had at our fingertips.

Brad Flaherty, CMO of Fire Department Coffee


The Fire Department Coffee team began meeting monthly with their Klaviyo customer success manager to implement proven food and beverage brand marketing strategies. With their guidance and expertise, the team identified the crucial points of the customer journey they wanted to reach customers at. The team set up automated flows for each point of the customer journey, including welcome flows, nurture flows, and win back flows.


Fire Department Coffee implemented several key strategies to communicate with their customers based on purchasing behavior:

  • Nurture flow
    Using Klaviyo’s integration with subscription software Recharge, the Fire Department Coffee team created a nurture flow that automatically reminds customers when they’re about to run out of coffee or when their subscription is ready to renew, based on the last time they purchased and their subscription status.
  • Win back flow
    If a customer cancels their subscription, Fire Department Coffee has created a win back flow that offers the customer other options beyond canceling their subscription such as skipping the next delivery. The flow also checks in to see if there’s anything the company can do to better satisfy the customer.
  • Segments that exclude customers
    Fire Department Coffee uses their subscription data to create segments of customers based on which subscription they’re signed up for, such as their coffee of the month club or spirit infused coffee club. They then tailor the messaging to each segment so that customers only receive communications related to their specific subscriptions.

Klaviyo gives us great options to be able to filter through little pieces of data, to know who we could be more specific with. We do have customers that we reach out to specifically by name so that’s great that we can pull their information, especially if it’s like a canceled subscription.

Brad Flaherty, CMO of Fire Department Coffee
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