Get More Personal With the Upgraded BigCommerce Integration

Great news for all BigCommerce store owners! We’ve upgraded our BigCommerce integration to gather even more of your store data—allowing you to send more personal emails than ever before. In this post, I’ll show you some of our improvements and how you can use them to improve your customer experience and make more money. You can see a full guide for how to integrate with BigCommerce in our help center.

More data for more personal marketing

Klaviyo is designed to help you use the information you know about your customers to send more personal messages that build stronger relationships. With Klaviyo’s BigCommerce app, you can listen to more of your customers’ actions with more data being pulled in from your ecommerce store and then stored on every customer’s profile.

Our BigCommerce app is now sending variant level product data to Klaviyo. To understand how we can use this data, let’s pretend we are running a super cool ecommerce brand that sells hand-crafted furniture. We have a ton of products with lots of styles and colors available. With variant level data now available in our Klaviyo account, we can send targeted messages promoting different colors and styles that align to the purchase history and preferences of our customers.

Using Klaviyo’s segment builder, we can quickly build an audience of customers who purchased a specific color and style, then send a more personalized message offering them different furniture items that stylistically match their previous purchases.

For example, a customer who bought our popular kitchen table and chairs set isn’t likely to need another kitchen table or set of chairs for awhile. Instead of sending them deals for more of the same stuff, we can use the variant level product data to promote complementary products that better fit their preferences. Luckily, we have new end tables in the exact same color and style, so we can send them a promotional offer that rounds out their furniture set perfectly. Alternately, we could offer them a right-sized rug to fit under the table they ordered or cushions in a color that looks great with the specific shade of wood on their new chairs. Any of those options are far more relevant to that customer than an email about more tables and chairs. 

Add Klaviyo forms immediately

We want our customers to get the most value out of Klaviyo as soon as possible. To make that happen, we strive to get new customers up and running quickly. With our improved BigCommerce integration, you can opt to automatically install some key javascript code on your site. Once the code is installed, Klaviyo starts collecting ‘Active-on-Site’ events and allows you to display Klaviyo-built forms within your store.

With klaviyo.js already on your site, you can build and publish a form instantaneously rather than waiting to add additional code to the right area of your store’s theme file. Klaviyo’s Form Builder offers a seamless way to collect more email addresses for your list or collect additional information about your customers like their birthdate or product preferences. You can then easily use that information in your next promotional email to get extra personal with your messaging. Check out how to use forms to grow your business.

Continue selling out-of-stock items with the ‘Back in Stock’ automation

When one of your products sells out, your customers are understandably disappointed. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that they’ll come back to buy when the item is back in stock. That can lead to lost revenue and even a loss in the goodwill of your customers. With the upgraded BigCommerce integration you can have Klaviyo automatically send an email to shoppers when their desired item is back in stock—giving them a chance to get what they want and giving you a chance to gain a sale. All you need to do is add the back-in-stock feature to your BigCommerce store and enable the back-in-stock Klaviyo flow to handle these notification alerts.

How does this work? Let’s continue with our furniture store example. Susan arrives at our furniture store looking for a brand new dresser, but the one she wants is out of stock. Luckily, we’ve read this blog post, turned on the back-in-stock feature in BigCommerce, and turned on the back-in-stock flow. Susan really wants the dresser so she clicks the button to be notified when the item is restocked. Klaviyo takes that button click information and automatically queues Susan into the back-in-stock flow. Then, once more dressers arrive and we change our inventory levels in BigCommerce, Susan will advance through the flow and receive a message (or more if you choose) asking her to purchase the exact item she wanted. That message could even include a discount as compensation for her wait!

In the past, notifying customers about newly stocked items was a clunky, manual process. Now, you can automatically send tailored messages about the exact item each person is waiting for—leading to happier customers and more sales.

To learn more about the BigCommerce app and the data that syncs from your store into Klaviyo visit our help center.

Or, if you’re a BigCommerce store owner that wants to learn more about Klaviyo you can request a demo below. 

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