Customer Data Platform

Personalize your digital marketing with the insights of your customer data

Email and SMS are what Klaviyo is known for, but behind everything we do is an unsung hero: our rock-solid customer data platform (CDP).

Customer data, always up to date

Imagine your SMS and email data—profiles, transactions, browsing history, and more—not just cobbled together but synthesized into one clear, accurate source of truth. In real time.

That’s data at Klaviyo. We do in seconds what can take others hours—even with millions of data points to crunch.

So no more awkward moments. Like that email to Emma recommending the product she bought 10 minutes ago.

Timeline of customer actions: opened email, viewed item, ordered item, subscribed to SMS.

Built-in CDP, no coding required

Segmentation and personalization can seriously improve performance. But only if you have the data.

Some enterprise companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on customer data platforms—just to use their own data.

For entrepreneurs, that’s completely out of reach, so they batch and blast out of necessity.

With Klaviyo, any business can turn their data into growth—‌without burning through time and money they may not even have.

Examples of integrations (like Shopify, WooCommerce) and segments (like dog owners), fast and easy.

Own your data: own your growth

Cookies, iOS updates, privacy regulations. Brands know all too well how changing tech can upend marketing plans.

With a focus on Customer-First Data™️, Klaviyo helps brands take back control. Because the most reliable partner you have is yourself. (Though we’d like to be considered a close second.)

Settings for email and SMS attribution. A segment for Apple Mail Privacy Protection.
A customer data platform hiding in plain sight


200+ plug-and-play integrations, plus an open API.


Each customer’s complete story, from day one to today.


Hyper-targeted segmentation, created in seconds.