Advanced email automations

Drive more revenue and save time with email automations

With Klaviyo’s built-in CDP, you have the data you need to build sophisticated email flows for every touchpoint, organically moving your customers through the sales funnel.
Email automation templates

Customize pre-built automations for advanced use cases

Start with Klaviyo’s pre-built email automations, then add your own conditions to reach super specific audiences with automated, highly personalized messages in email campaigns.

Go beyond the one-size-fits-all welcome series. Add a conditional split to your welcome flow to differentiate between a new contact and a returning customer who just signed up. Tailor your email messaging to encourage a first time sale or motivate another purchase.

Klaviyo customers
earned $14.8B
in untapped revenue
from automations

Email automation social validation leader in marketing tools

In data gathered January-November 2022

Automate a more profitable customer journey

Implement strategic conditions that support your goals for each phase of the customer experience, then sit back while highly personalized emails launch automatically.

Order confirmed email automation send to customers for cross flow segments

Set up triggers so that emailed receipts include product recommendations based on the customer’s latest purchase, driving sales and increasing your average order value (AOV).

Order confirmed email automation send to customers for cross flow segments

Brava Fabrics: 60% of email revenue comes from automated emails

We were really excited about flows. We only have to do the job once, optimize it, and then it works on its own. This was very appealing, and it works. We get more sales from our automated emails than from other campaigns.”
Ivan Monells, co-founder, Brava Fabrics
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Frequently asked questions about email automations

In a trigger split, two different paths are created in the automated flow based on characteristics of the trigger.

Trigger splits can be based on metrics like: 

  • An order being placed
  • A product being shipped
  • An abandoned cart
  • Browser abandonment

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