Email FAQs

Frequently asked questions about email marketing

Find answers to all of your email marketing questions. Then, create an email account and get started with Klaviyo for free to explore all the ways the platform supports your email marketing goals.

Getting started with email marketing

Email marketing is a direct way to communicate with your customers and provide a personalized experience throughout the customer journey—promoting your products or services, offering product recommendations, reminding them about abandoned carts, asking for reviews, and much more. Email is also an owned channel, which means that you have complete control over how your brand is represented.

For Annmarie Skin Care, Klaviyo is the ideal email program

We have spent years trying to find the ideal program that could intelligently communicate with customers at the right time & in the right order of their cycle. Klaviyo by far does this the best.”
Kevin Gianni, CEO of Annmarie Skin Care

How Klaviyo supports new email marketers

We understand that starting with email marketing can feel overwhelming, so at Klaviyo, we do our best to remove as many barriers and provide as many resources as possible to support you.

We offer a free option in the platform that allows businesses to send up to 500 emails to 250 subscribers—a great way for a first time email marketer to start familiarizing themselves with the platform and its capabilities.

We also provide a number of free resources, including:

  • The Klaviyo blog with email tips, tricks, and strategies
  • A help center to answer your specific questions
  • The Klaviyo Academy where you can take courses and get certifications
  • The Klaviyo community, where you can chat with and learn from your peers

You can also pay for an email plan—no contract required—and work with our customer support team for personalized help getting started with email marketing.

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Using Klaviyo to scale email marketing

Klaviyo is a proven, trusted email marketing platform serving over 100k businesses, with features and tools that are easy to use but sophisticated enough to scale businesses of any size—including pre-built automations, pre-built templates, granular segmentation for superior personalization, AI tools, reporting, and peer benchmarks, just to name a few. Plus, we are constantly iterating, listening to our customers and creating or updating features to serve their needs.

Even better—Klaviyo is more than just an email marketing service provider. We’re a marketing automation platform with a built-in CDP (customer data platform). We integrate seamlessly with the top ecommerce platforms and have over 300 built-in integrations, allowing you to integrate and utilize all of your data in one convenient, centralized tool. We also provide SMS marketing services and paid and social retargeting to allow for a fully integrated, omnichannel digital marketing experience.

In addition, we provide a number of resources to our customers, many of them free:

Help Center: Documents and guides that help you set-up your account

Klaviyo Academy: Courses, certificates and webinars that help email marketers scale the business while growing their career through new information and technology

The Klaviyo Community: Learn from peers—from marketers who have just onboarded to customers who have been using Klaviyo for their email marketing success for years

On-demand strategy sessions and live training sessions for marketers at every level

Partners: If you need additional resources to start or help with your email marketing, we have tech and agency partners that can support your growth in the way you want at an affordable price

Developers: Klaviyo is an open source API that can be customized for any platform and tech stack. Find guides for customizing Klaviyo for your business and join the Klaviyo developer community to stay on top of all the latest updates.

Switching to Klaviyo and integrating your ecommerce tech stack

You may want to consider switching email service providers if your current solution is limiting your growth.

  1. Automations. Not all email automations are created equal. When you start scaling, you need to deliver more targeted messages and get more granular with user behavior and preferences—which means you may need a solution that is more sophisticated.
  2. Data and Analytics: A lot of platforms offer basic email data analytics and track metrics, but they may not be enough to get you to the next level of growth. To scale your business, you’ll want an ESP that integrates across channels to ensure you are getting the most up-to-date and relevant data for each customer, and one that offers a more robust set of reporting tools, including benchmarks, multi-channel data, and industry metrics.
  3. List and deliverability. If you’re experiencing high bounce rates and increased unsubscribes, you may want to consider an ESP with a email list management system and built-in tools to improve your sender reputation and increase email deliverability.

Support: Be sure you are getting the support you need from your ESP to grow, when you need it. If not, it may be time to look for solutions with more support options available to you.

Since making the switch from Omnisend to Klaviyo, we have seen improvement specifically in our deliverability, open rates, and revenue. Klaviyo follows best practices and is extremely user friendly, making it easy to design flows and weekly email campaigns that convert.”
Emma Falk, Co-Founder, reStickity

Improving email deliverability and growing your list

Klaviyo has several tools that can help improve your deliverability when you switch. When you first switch, you’ll be using a shared IP to send emails—it’s the default, and it works for businesses that are focused on volume with batch and blast emails.

However, with Klaviyo, you can get a dedicated IP, which we recommend for ecommerce businesses that want to scale through hyper-personalization. Your customer support manager can help you warm your IP (essential to maintain your sender’s reputation) and have a high click rate to reach the inbox for higher email deliverability.

Love Vera moved from the spam folder to the inbox with Klaviyo

We were going into spam and promotions with Mailchimp. Within a month of transitioning to Klaviyo, we’re in the inbox.”
Nate Johnson, co-founder, Love Vera

Start segmenting your email list

Email segmentation is the key to building relationships with your customers and driving conversion. Customers engage more with content that’s relevant to them, whether it’s a product recommendation or a reminder about an abandoned cart—and segmenting your email lists is integral to delivering that personalized content, ensuring the right messages are sent to the right people.

For optimal segmentation, you’ll also want the most granular data—by integrating your entire tech stack with Klaviyo, you’ll have all the most up-to-date email data on every customer, from most recent orders to color preferences, allowing you to better target your customers and drive the revenue you need to own your email marketing channel.

Graza attributes 29% of revenue to email segmentation

We don’t use any paid channels. We have a 50% open rate because our customers want to talk to us. Relationships are critical.”
Andrew Benin, Co-founder and CEO of Graza
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Personalize your email campaign with customer profiles

Exactly – with Klaviyo’s powerful email automation and personalization tools, you can personalize messages at scale.

Klaviyo allows you to create email segments informed by the data constantly added to and updated in your customer profiles—by creating a specific segment, you can then send a message to just those customers whose profiles fit the segment parameters, such as for behaviors, preferences, or interests.

For example, you can create a segment of VIPs that sends a message to any customer with a lifetime value above a certain amount, offering them a special discount for being a VIP customer, or you can create a segment that sends customers a personalized coupon based on their product preferences for their birthday.

Prebuilt and custom forms and automations

Email Forms are the simplest way to grow your email list, and even better—you can collect specific data on your customers. We provide a library of pre-built form templates, such as popups and fly-outs, that you can customize for color, font, form fields, and more, and once your form is ready, all you need to do is share and publish. We also offer the option to create embedded forms—we’ll create a snippet of code for the form that you add to your website. You can learn more about getting started with our sign-up forms here.

The business could almost run on autopilot. Those automated flow for lead gen and post-purchase, I mean, it's amazing.”
Tyler "Sully" Sullivan, Founder and CEO, Bombtech Golf
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Benchmarking, testing, data, AI, and reporting

Klaviyo offers pre-built and templates for email reporting, as well as custom options, with a full suite of reporting tools to help you understand how your campaigns, automations, and segments are performing. Through our native reporting tools, you can leverage a wide variety of data points to measure performance, figure out what is and isn’t working, and discover opportunities for improvement. The Klaviyo reporting tool tracks the growth of your list, campaign send metrics, and automation effectiveness—offering both high-level and detailed reporting, depending on who will be getting the report.

Benchmarks helped Quad Lock focus their efforts

It's great to be able to see different areas broken out within benchmarks. I see we're really strong with campaigns and our flows need a bit more attention. This gives me a good idea of areas we need to work on.”
Tim Frazer, Marketing specialist, Quad Lock