Email marketing benchmarks

Superior email performance is just a benchmark away

With Klaviyo benchmarks, you know exactly where your email marketing performance stands compared to your peers, and you have the tools you need to fix underperforming metrics.

Klaviyo benchmark essentials—what you need to know

Benchmark data

Understand your performance with these key indicators

Email campaign performance benchmarks in Klaviyo marketing platform

Klaviyo’s benchmarking takes your brand’s metrics and compares them to 100 industry peers. Based on that comparison, you’ll get a performance rating of poor, fair, good, or excellent for each metric, giving you a clear picture of which campaigns could be bringing in more revenue.

Email campaign performance benchmarks in Klaviyo marketing platform

Campaign and automation performance across Klaviyo

Open rate–email campaigns
Open rate–browse abandonment automation
Click rate–browse abandonment automation
Open rate–post-purchase automation

Disclaimer: Data from Q3 2022

Benchmark use cases

Don’t like the data you’re seeing? Move the dial with these tools

With Klaviyo you have the email data you need to pivot and the tools to do it. Here are a few metrics and examples of how you could improve their performance:

Ecommerce email campaign information and warming in Klaviyo email marketing platform

High unsubscribe rates can be improved with our sophisticated segmentation, allowing you to group your audience based on behaviors, interests, and personal characteristics.

Ecommerce email campaign information and warming in Klaviyo email marketing platform

The metrics behind the benchmarks

Klaviyo benchmarks are a comparison of the following metrics with those in your industry peer group.

  • Average cart size
  • Average order count
  • Average order value
  • Returned order rate
  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Clickthrough rate
  • Placed order rate
  • Email revenue per recipient
  • Bounce rate
  • Spam report rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • SMS revenue per recipient
  • Repeat customer rate
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All the insight you need in one place

It's great to be able to see different areas broken out within benchmarks. I see we're really strong with campaigns and our flows need a bit more attention. This gives me a good idea of areas we need to work on.”
Tim Frazer, Marketing specialist, Quad Lock
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Frequently asked questions about Klaviyo’s benchmarks

Tracking your benchmarks on a regular basis helps you understand how your marketing strategies are performing across the industry and within your peer group. This helps you double down on what’s working, address what isn’t, and identify low-hanging fruit for what can drive the most value.

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