4 Top Converting Welcome Emails (with the Data to Prove it)

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We have been devoting a lot of our recent content on the Klaviyo blog to creating a great welcome series. We’ve talked about using email preferences to drive opens and clicks and the different types of welcome emails.  And for a good reason, a successful welcome email (or series) can be a great way to generate revenue and grow your business.

But what separates a top performing email from an average one?

Overall performance of a welcome email

When we pulled an average of all current, active welcome emails we discovered the average conversion rate for a welcome series was right around 2% (for accounts that have sent at least 20 welcome emails out, so we can remove any test accounts).

While there are many ways to approach a welcome email, I wanted to dig into those that were having the best success to see what other ecommerce marketers could learn.

Our 3 takeaways from top performers

1.Offer a discount and promotion

Every single top performing welcome email we encountered offered a discount or promotion (think free shipping or 20% off). A lot of shoppers have come to expect a discount when signing up for an email list and are more likely to convert once they have received this discount.

2. Shorter performs better than longer

While it can be tempting to cover everything you want customers to know about your company in the first email, shorter emails that are more direct tend to perform better. If there’s more you want to present break it up into other emails as part of a welcome series.

3. Make it time sensitive

Three of the four welcome emails we looked at had either an expiration date or a specific time from on the offered discount or promotion. This added a sense of urgency to the email.

Four top converting welcome emails


  1. Ursa Major

Ursa Major is a personal care company that focuses on natural skin care.

Ursa Major has two welcome email flows, one segmented to new subscribers (see above) and another segmented to new customers. The first is short and sweet and focuses on converting new subscribers into customers.

Once subscribers become customers, they are moved into a post-purchase welcome series that:

– Extends a personal welcome from the founders of the Ursa Major brand
– Underscores their point of difference and gets new customers excited to try their products
– Increases tactility and emotional engagement by adding photos of the founders, packaging, and even the actual product.
– Boosts engagement from the outset, hopefully increasing receptivity to future communications from Ursa Major.

Their revamped welcome email strategy is working; the initial email targeting new subscribers performs 14x better than the average welcome email.

2. Nisolo

Nisolo is an online retailer specializing in handmade leather shoes, boots & bags.

Meg from Nisolo gives us the download on their current strategy, “We’ve recently built out, and are just starting to test a full series of welcome emails. Our first welcome email is a brief introduction to Nisolo highlighting our about pages, new arrivals, and product care. We also include a free shipping incentive for 48 hours.”

While they are off to a great start with their first welcome email, Nisolo wants to push and experiment with taking it further.

“As far as experimenting goes, we have just begun testing a 2nd and 3rd email in our welcome series. The 2nd email is a note from the head of our Customer Experience team, directing recipients to helpful pages on our site concerning product care and questions. The 3rd email is segmented by gender (the women’s is still being developed). The email contains customer reviews with user generated content from our Instagram.” — Meg Towle, Graphic Designer at Nisolo

Nisolo’s welcome email is performing 12x the average!

3. Blik

Blik sells self-adhesive, removable wall decals and stickers. They also sell other home decor.

While some companies have spent hours crafting their welcome series and testing, a few like Blik, have had early success straight out of the gate. Their first pass at a welcome email is performing exceptionally well at over 15x better than the average welcome series. I credit the success of this email to adhere to the three noticeable trends we saw among other top performers: it’s time sensitive (next 30 days), short length, and offers a great discount (20% off).

4. Marine Layer

Marine Layer sells “absurdly soft clothes designed in San Francisco”

Marine Layer has unique welcome series setup based on how new subscribers are acquired. They have one for in-store (image left)  and another for online (image right).

“For online we also differentiate between roadblock sign up and order sign up. And we only offer a discount for roadblock sign up.” – Renee Halvorsen, Sr. Director E-commerce & Performance Marketing

While the email Marine Layer sends is physically longer than the other top performing welcome series emails, we have a hunch it’s still successful because the copy is very direct and is easy to scan. Their carefully crafted email strategy is working wonders for this series, seeing a conversion rate that is 10.5x better than average.

Final Thoughts

Looking for other ways to level up your welcome series emails? Check out our guide to welcome series.


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