Case Study: Eventige Media Group Uses Klaviyo as a Growth Partner

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Today we are excited to launch a new case study featuring Eventige Media Group, an advertising agency based out of NYC.

Here’s a little-known fact: Klaviyo partners with nearly 700 agencies, consultants, and affiliates to bring the power of Klaviyo to more retailers.

Some of these agencies focus on email marketing, others solely run paid acquisition campaigns, and a portion just handle web design.

Eventige is an agency that can do it all – everything from SEO & SEM to web development to email marketing, even packaging design.

This is the story of Eventige’s experience using Klaviyo – from their efforts to bring Klaviyo to all of their accounts to the ongoing results that they and their clients are seeing.

Before you head on over to read the full Eventige Media Group case study, here is a little more about how Klaviyo helped Eventige grow their clients’ revenue, improve their internal workflow, and ultimately reduce cost.

“Klaviyo helped us cut our email marketing costs in half from a labor perspective”

Before Klaviyo, Founder & CEO Alexei Alankin and the team were being slowed down by cumbersome, inflexible and costly legacy email platforms.

“We needed a developer on staff for every email that we sent out,” he says. “We also knew how long it should take to get an email campaign up and running and we felt the team shouldn’t have to work around limitations.”

But after implementing Klaviyo, the team quickly realized most of those email-related tasks could be done without the help of a developer. The ease of use Klaviyo provided allowed their marketing team to focus on email execution, as well as strategy.

The net result of this (which you’ll read about more in the case study) was that Eventige effectively cut their email marketing labor costs in half.

“The data in Klaviyo gave us instant visibility into who Woodbury’s best customers were”

One of Eventige’s clients who is seeing early success with Klaviyo is Woodbury Outfitters, an outdoor and sporting goods retailer based out of Ohio.

Prior to Klaviyo, Woodbury was doing very little with segmentation and did not have triggered email automation set up like abandoned cart or welcome series emails.

Eventige has identified this as a huge opportunity, which made implementing Klaviyo one of the first orders of business.

“Right away, the data in Klaviyo gave us instant visibility into who their best customers were, which allowed us to get deeper with segmentation,” Alexei says. “Klaviyo has been a game-changer for Woodbury.”

The blueprint for a successful Klaviyo agency partner

As you’ll see in the case study, there are several things Eventige did to make them a successful Klaviyo partner.

It goes beyond signing up their clients.

Eventige immersed themselves into the Klaviyo community – going through all the training modules, attending webinars, being active with other agencies in the program, and subscribing to the newsletter.

When they were ready to start talking to their clients about the value of Klaviyo, they became eligible to receive ongoing revenue share payments.

On the flip side of this, Klaviyo sends leads to top agency partners like Eventige when retailers request extra help with their marketing.

(Side note: If you are a retailer looking for expert marketing help, reach out to our team, and we will connect you with Eventige and other talented agency partners. Or visit Eventige’s site here.)

Transcending the traditional vendor-agency relationship

Between the impact Klaviyo has had on the agency, as well as the growth his clients have seen from the platform, it’s pretty clear to Alexei that this is not a typical vendor-agency relationship.

The key is the alignment of goals between Klaviyo and Eventige. Klaviyo helps bolster their service offering, improves internal staffing & cost efficiencies, and most importantly, facilitates growth for their clients.

“In that way, we see Klaviyo as being more than a platform we use,” Alexei says. “Klaviyo is a growth partner.”

Now you’re ready to head on over to read the full case study.

Or if you are an agency or consultant and you’d like to see the benefits of joining our partner program, head on over to our partner sign up page.


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