Get a better look at what messaging is working best with new segment-level campaign reporting

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September 1, 2022
A product screen shows how different email campaigns performed by segment

With Klaviyo’s new campaign performance reporting feature, get a fresh look at your campaign metrics, at the audience level. We’ve added campaign-by-segment reporting to give you key insights about each segment, identify patterns, and spot outliers, so you can see what works best for each type of customer, and make smarter decisions about future campaigns.

With campaign performance by segment you can:

  • Get a clear view of how messaging resonates with different audiences
  • Design smart, audience-specific campaigns your customers are more likely to respond to
  • Drive more opens and more engagement with more meaningful, customized messaging

As a marketer, you know that when you send out an announcement to your customer base, it will resonate differently with different groups. 

Let’s say you’re working for an online cosmetics company, launching a new skincare product for women over the age of 60. You expect your announcement to resonate most with customers in your 60+ segment. 

But, wouldn’t it be helpful to learn how it performs with customers in other age groups? Are younger demographics secretly super interested in anti-aging serums? Or might sending it to a younger audience prompt them to unsubscribe? With visibility into these segment-specific insights, you can make data-driven decisions about the strategy for your next product launch — or any future campaign. 

Most email marketing tools help marketers create campaigns for each segment — but we know that takes valuable time. With campaign performance reporting by segment, Klaviyo shows you how each audience responds to a single campaign, giving you the time back to focus on what you love.

Get quick insights in the new ‘Audience Breakdown’ tab

Want to give it a try? Check out your campaign reporting dashboard, and after sending an email or SMS campaign to different segments, look for the new Audience Breakdown tab.

Here you can spot the audiences that are most engaged with your campaigns, those that have the highest conversion rates, and those that are performing poorly. This overview provides quick guidance for your next campaign.

“We typically send each campaign to three or more pre-built segments. With the new Audience Breakdown report, I can quickly see which customer segments are most engaged. We were promoting our new activewear line and I wanted to see how the campaign would resonate with customers who had viewed but not previously purchased activewear. With this new view, I could see these customers were highly engaged with the email and converted at the highest rate. Now, I know to include them in similar activewear campaigns going forward.”
Adam Hutton, Retention Marketing Manager at True Classic Tees
Campaign Performance Image of a Product Announcement Report

Customize campaign reports to fit your needs

We know Klaviyo customers with complex segmentation and targeting strategies need audience reporting that’s not just easy to read and share, but easy to customize. Our new reporting feature allows brands to tailor their reports to view the metrics they care about most, such as email, unsubscribe rate, or placed order value.

Now, you can group custom reports by list and segment so you can easily compare performance across them, without the hassle of having to run separate reports for each segment and manually piece them together.

Campaign Performance Image of Standard Campaign Metrics

If you are running an A/B test within your campaign, you can also see audience-level results for each variation you’re testing.

Remember your online cosmetics company? Now imagine you want to test multiple subject lines for that skincare product announcement. With this new feature, you quickly learn that variation A performs better for those 60+, but variation B generates stronger engagement for those in the 40-60 age group. Equipped with that knowledge, you can plan your next campaign accordingly and drive those sales.

Campaign Performance Image of Audience level results

Use campaign performance by segment to boost performance

When you’re targeting multiple lists or segments with a campaign, Klaviyo’s new reporting feature makes it easy to identify important insights at the audience level. Use these insights to make decisions about future campaigns, ensure you’re optimizing your customer experience, and maintain deliverability best practices

Get started today by building an email or SMS campaign to send to different groups. Your campaign results will automatically break out your metrics at the audience level.

Need a refresher on all Klaviyo’s reporting capabilities? Learn more here.

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