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Klaviyo helps BigCommerce merchants drive more sales by powering better email, Facebook and Instagram marketing. If you are new to Klaviyo and run on BigCommerce, this page is designed to centralize the most important pieces of content to get you up and growing with Klaviyo quickly.

“Klaviyo is an easy-to-use platform that efficiently and effectively assists us in targeting, segmenting and personalizing our promotions and campaigns. With leveraging their powerful transactional and behavioral feature, that pulls from our BigCommerce data, we are now able to get a clearer summary of what’s working and where we can optimize. As a result, we now produce more relevant content, high converting promotions and have seen an increase in our email engagement.”

Denisha Stephenson

Digital Marketing Specialist

“With Klaviyo, we have a platform for a more personalized conversation with our customers across diverse industries – something that was very important to us. The tools for creating content, campaigns or segmenting your audience could not be easier. We get the added bonus of business intelligence insights like customer engagement, order history, lifetime value. The data it is pulling from BigCommerce is making us smarter about our business.”

Chris Joyce

Owned and President

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