Omnichannel Learning

Optimize results with AI-driven insights

Forecast customer behavior, get context on business metrics, and enhance your strategy with built-in analytics and reporting tools.

Get cutting-edge machine learning and analytics

AI and auto-generated predictive analytics allow you to power personalization at scale. Our learning tools help generate insights through journey tracking and forecasting, so you can segment and automate communication based on customer behavior.

Use machine learning to forecast:

  • Next order date
  • Lifetime value
  • Churn risk
  • Spending potential
  • Automated A/B/n testing
  • Predicated demographics
  • Smart send time
  • Personalized product recommendations
A graphic showing the time of a customer's predicted next order and a recommended send time.

Optimize performance with custom reports

Monitor data on analytics dashboards that help your business build a cohesive marketing strategy.

Real-time performance data

Access real-time performance data from the same platform you use to send messages. Use this data to spot areas for improvement.

Historical business analysis

Gain marketing strategy insights with in-depth analysis of historical business performance in just a few clicks. Get access to all of your historical data in full fidelity, to help zero in on specific marketing channels and products.

Cross-channel revenue attribution

See a complete and accurate picture of revenue made by each of your marketing campaigns.
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Discover how unlocking Customer First Data™ can create more opportunities for your business

See where you stand with peer benchmarking

We benchmark your data with companies like yours to pinpoint areas where you excel and opportunities for growth.

Compare data for:

  • Business performance (cart size, average order value)
  • Email (open rate, click rate, revenue per recipient)
  • SMS (click rate, unsubscribe rate)
  • Flows (click rates, placed order rate)
A graphic showing a Klaviyo customer's marketing performance compared to industry benchmarks.

Maximize performance with advanced A/B testing

Perform A/B tests on alternate versions of your content to improve user engagement, reduce bounce rates, and increase conversion rates.

Our testing tools let you:

  • Easily test subject lines, content, and all aspects of experiences
  • Inform messaging and optimize send times
  • Determine win confidence percentage and winning metric details


A comparison of two different images from an A/B test showing the winning variant.
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