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Understanding ecommerce personalization—with real brand examples

Discover the Klaviyo x Nosto guide to creating customized experiences for different customer segments

Why personalization is the right move for 2023?

In 2023, Jay Narula, head of business development in North America at Nosto, says many brands are tightening their budgets in response to the uncertain economy—making personalization more and more important.

While website personalization used to be “a crown jewel—something nice to have—now it’s vital,” he says. “It used to be a vitamin. Now it’s a painkiller.”

But what actually is ecommerce personalization, and what does in look like in practice?

Download the guide to discover:

  • How to collect data that drives rich, personalized experiences
  • What types of website personalization exist and how to leverage each
  • Which types of brands should invest in ecommerce personalization
  • Examples of ecommerce personalization from top brands

Nurturing and managing the customer relationships you’re building through website personalization means higher returns—up to 10x, 30x, or even 80x.

Jay Narula
head of business development, Nosto