Klaviyo platform features

Marketing automation tools and features

Klaviyo packs a ton of features into one intelligent platform—all included with any email or SMS plan.

Explore how businesses of all sizes are using them to grow LTV, retention, and revenue.

Keep customers engaged

Highly engaged customers are the key to lasting relationships and repeat business. Klaviyo helps you stay top of mind, from ad-hoc campaigns to automatically triggered flows.

Automated flows
Trigger any mix of email, SMS, and push for welcomes, browse/cart abandons, cross-sells, win-backs, in-stock and price-drop alerts, etc.
Send one-time announcements—product launches, promos, newsletters, and more—targeted to the right people.
Speed up creation with a library that’s filterable by type (deals, reminders, confirmations, etc.), seasonal holiday/event, and layout.
Web forms
Grow lists and collect more data with targeted, mobile-friendly pop-up, fly-out, and embedded forms.

Do more with your data

Data is the fuel that drives effective marketing strategies. With Klaviyo, you can unlock the full potential of your data to drive meaningful, personalized experiences at scale.

Integrations and APIs
Unify and use your tech stack data, like payments, cart/order management, support tickets, subscriptions, shipping, surveys, referrals, and reviews.
Know your customers fully—who they are, where they’re clicking and buying, and what they’re predicted to do next.
Target people using as many conditions (and as much data) as you like, such as location, promo usage, view/purchase history, email/SMS/push engagement, and data from integrations.
Data science
Segment and automate messages using predicted order date, LTV, churn risk, and more. Run A/B tests to optimize your performance.

Optimize your growth

Klaviyo equips you with the tools for continual growth and improvement—measuring, optimizing, and fueling your ongoing success.

Klaviyo portfolio
Effortlessly streamline multi-account management, work efficiently, and scale successful strategies from one account to another—all in one place.
Klaviyo AI
Make smarter decisions about what to say, when, how, and to who. Generative AI accelerates content creation too.
Visualize your multi-channel performance with dashboards. Create custom reports and schedule them at regular intervals.
See how you stack up against brands like yours. If anything is lagging, you’ll see exactly how to turn it around.
Klaviyo's features strengthen your marketing across channels
Email, SMS, mobile push, and reviews are all built-in and ready to use. Integrations with 300+ other apps expand your capabilities even further.


Send rich, engaging emails with dynamic content.


Reach your most engaged VIP customers.

Mobile push

Send perfectly timed notifications to boost engagement and satisfaction.


Collect and highlight reviews to build trust and increase sales.

Klaviyo keeps getting more powerful

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