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of email-driven revenue powered by Octane AI integration with Klaviyo


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higher order rate for email flows informed by Klaviyo & Octane AI data

We’ve all seen a red carpet celebrity photo and thought, “Wow, I wish my hair looked like that.

Here’s what we forget: Those head-turning hairstyles often aren’t the celebrity’s hair.

High-quality hair extensions may be common for the rich and famous, but historically, they’ve been out of reach for the general public.

INSERT NAME HERE (INH) aims to change that.

One of the big goals of our founders was to make high-quality hair extensions more accessible to a broader group of consumers.

Lisa Passanisi, Retention Marketing Manager, INH

INH blends fun, interactive quizzes from Octane AI with Klaviyo to power robust, personalized email marketing campaigns—helping fans find their favorite style and steer clear of bad hair days.

Why Klaviyo aces the test

Los Angeles friends Sharon Pak and Jordynn Wynn went from interns at cosmetic brand ColourPop to the faces of the company, where they helped launch four different brands.

The pair saw a hole in the market for hair extensions and wigs, and they leaned on their experience at ColourPop to start their own brand, INH, in 2018.

Not long after Pak and Wynn launched INH, they brought Klaviyo on as a marketing partner.

Klaviyo was one of our first partners because we all had positive experiences with them at prior brands.

Lisa Passanisi, Retention Marketing Manager, INH

The INH team uses Klaviyo insights like open rates and link clicks to tailor emails for each audience and automate personalized communication on a large scale—and they appreciate that Klaviyo is constantly making improvements.

The biggest thing is to make interaction between all our tools seamless. Klaviyo does that. Even this quarter, Klaviyo was rolling out more enhanced integrations with Octane AI, so we can continue to use that data we collect to inform the campaigns we send.

Lisa Passanisi, Retention Marketing Manager, INH
Two women sitting next to each other smiling at the camera.

Pop quiz: What makes Octane AI and Klaviyo great together?

Passanisi’s team uses interactive quizzes, powered by the Octane AI integration in Klaviyo, to get to know customers better. Equipped with that valuable Customer-First Data™, INH can send more personalized, engaging marketing messages.

Here’s how it works. First, INH uses Octane AI to develop onsite quizzes to learn about customer preferences or, as is the case with its partnership with Hello Kitty, to just have some fun with the INH community.

After a user answers the questions, they are asked to provide an email address to unlock their results. Once the user submits their address, they see their results on-page and also in an email as part of an automated Klaviyo flow.

The symbiotic relationship between Octane and Klaviyo makes it simple for INH to create personalized follow-up emails. The team marries Customer-First Data about hair color, length, style, and more from Octane AI quizzes with Klaviyo’s engagement metrics, like unique open rates and click-through rates. With this blend of information, it’s easier to develop nuanced messaging aimed at specific groups of customers.

When INH runs promotions on ponytail extensions, for example, everyone who has taken the ponytail recommendation quiz receives an email about the deal. INH offers a robust line of ponytail extensions, so this quiz has been a standout for customer engagement.

That particular flow has a higher click-through rate and a higher order-placed rate than any of our non-personalized flows.

Lisa Passanisi, Retention Marketing Manager, INH

Or, if a quiz reveals a customer is new to the world of hair extensions, they receive an email about the basics of extensions: how to choose quality extensions, what it takes to care for that hair, and how other people use extensions to feel their best.

Octane AI drives substantial email list growth for INH—23% of its email list has taken at least one quiz. The pairing of Octane AI quizzes and Klaviyo email drives 15% of flow revenue across the board and accounts for 10% of email-driven revenue.

It’s nice to see that high engagement. It’s a huge win across the board. We really care about our customers and our community, so we really want to be engaging in ways that will be helpful for them.

Lisa Passanisi, Retention Marketing Manager, INH

INH builds a tight-knit community with email

Community is huge for INH’s brand, and the company goes to great lengths to understand how to improve the customer experience.

Sometimes that means sweating the small stuff, like sending a personal message to a new social media follower. Other times, it’s a grander gesture, like creating a poem book to include in a customer’s product package.

Our mission is to inspire and provide confidence through hair and empower people to feel their best. That’s at the core of all that we do.

Lisa Passanisi, Retention Marketing Manager, INH