Eco-friendly brand Cheeky Wipes achieves 10x higher-than-average order rate

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Cheeky Wipes is on a mission to stop consumers dumping 11 billion wet wipes into UK landfills every year. The personal care brand was founded in 2008 when Helen Rankin set about creating her own reusable baby wipes using cloth and essential oils. Today Cheeky Wipes and its sister brand Cheeky Pants offer a range of green alternatives to single-use healthcare products and the brand has built up a loyal audience. It has partnered with Klaviyo since 2021.

Learn how Cheeky Wipes uses hyper-personalisation to achieve 47% of its revenue from email


All Cheeky Wipes’ customers care about sustainability, but buyers of baby wipes, nappies, period care and incontinence products vary considerably in terms of age, sex and parental status. And, considering the personal nature of these products, it’s essential that the brand talks to its customers like individuals.

Women looking for period products don’t necessarily want to hear about baby products. And for those who can’t have children, are undergoing IVF, or have had multiple miscarriages, receiving an email all about baby wipes is a terrible customer experience.

Helen Rankin, Founder and Managing Director, Cheeky Wipes and Cheeky Pants

Helen reveals that the team at Cheeky HQ make informed product recommendations and will happily talk ‘pee, poo and periods’ with customers. It’s important therefore that the brand’s emails deliver the same personal touch.


Striving to create a better customer experience, Cheeky Wipes decided to switch its email platform from Constant Contact to Klaviyo. Helen found Constant Contact too basic and lacking the functionality for data-driven marketing.

Klaviyo integrates with Cheeky Wipes’ custom ecommerce platform and syncs customer data, website activity and order history. Now Helen has the ability to segment subscribers and develop automated email flows that deliver precisely the right message at the right time – and avoid sending any irrelevant or insensitive messages.

We needed an email solution that would allow us to personalise our messaging to a high degree without having to undertake lots of manual data work, such as deduping lists. Klaviyo manages data so well. 

Helen Rankin, Founder and Managing Director, Cheeky Wipes and Cheeky Pants


Cheeky Wipes uses hyper-personalisation to deliver highly-curated content and product information to shoppers. The brand asks subscribers about their product preferences when they sign up, and then sends an automated welcome email containing a special offer on the product range selected. In the abandoned cart email flow, content is based on the nature and number of products someone has viewed, and includes relevant customer reviews that will resonate with buyers.

To further engage with customers and build brand loyalty post-purchase, Cheeky Wipes has created a flow to ‘check in’ with customers. This is especially important for products that are bought infrequently. Parents who buy long-lasting packs of baby wipes, for example, receive a series of emails with tips and top-up suggestions. And when the kit is nearly finished, Cheeky Wipes recommends other eco-friendly products, because after all, babies do grow up eventually.

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