Personalize product suggestions with Klaviyo’s upgraded recommendations feature

Rules based recommendations are now available for product feeds.

The more personalized and relevant a message is, the more likely is it that message will lead to a sale. Now, you can add product recommendations into your emails that are so personalized, they feel hand-picked, thanks to Klaviyo’s rules-based product recommendations. With new ways to select which products are displayed, an interface that’s easier to use, and a whole new series of filters in the pipeline, you now have more flexibility to tailor your product suggestions to each and every customer. 

With rules-based recommendations you can:

  • Improve your customer experience by making emails more personal
  • Boost conversion rates with well-matched recommendations
  • Gain a better understanding of what items are being shown to your customers

Your customers demand personalized experiences

As consumers’ behaviors and expectations continue to evolve, the bar for personalization continues to rise. In fact, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember, and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations. 

As a marketer, we know you’re working hard to understand your customers, gather the most helpful data, and use it to deliver personalized content at just the right time so you can drive sales. We built rules-based product recommendations to do a lot of that work for you, helping you meet your customers’ increasingly high expectations and bring them just the products they’re looking for.   

“The new Klaviyo product feed helped the SmartBug team deliver highly targeted content to customers. It was like walking into a store and finding everything you need on-hand. With these new features, we have been able to create a whole series of feeds to cover each step in the customer journey. This allowed us to focus on delivering the right content to the right customer, and we got results with significant improvement in click rates and revenue.”
Alen Čapelja, Senior Designer, SmartBug Media



Show your customers products they care about

Up to now, you’ve been able to use Klaviyo to display your brand’s most popular and trending products. With new rules-based recommendations, you get new options for deeper customization: You can build a product feed to show products that your customer has recently viewed, to remind them about products they’ve added to their cart, or to highlight your newest products. 

“The new product feed editor is much easier to use and the new options allow us to make more effective cross-sell recommendations in our flow messages. We’re also experimenting with the new personalized options, such as showing customers items they’ve recently viewed.”
Francisca Fuchs, Performance Manager, KITCHEN CENTER

When you email a new customer, you won’t likely have very much on-site activity or purchasing history to draw on in order to make their recommendations feel personal.. That’s OK — with rules-based recommendations, you can select what’s called a fallback sort order — a more hands-off way of sorting recommendations, like showing just your best-selling products — so these customers still see product recommendations that make sense and encourage them to purchase.

After determining which products you want to display in your feed, you will soon have the option of adding price and inventory filters to get even more targeted in your approach. These filters help ensure you aren’t recommending products you’re about to run out of, and that you are showing off items that fit in your customer’s price range. 

Apply customizable filters to rules based product recommendation feeds.

On top of all these new capabilities, we’ve also redesigned the product feed interface  to make it easier to use. With the updated experience, you can better understand the products that will be shown in each feed, so you can be confident you’re showing the right products to the right audience. 

After your product feed is set up the way you’d like, it’s easy to insert into your campaigns and flows to send personalized messages to your customers.

“The new product feed editor has allowed us to better tailor emails to customers who are presented with our extensive product catalog and a consistent influx of new products. We can more easily feature what’s best for each customer in individual campaigns and flows. The process of creating emails is more efficient with the ability to quickly ensure subscribers are viewing what we deem most important for that campaign goal: best-selling, newest, etc within a specific time period.”
Carolyn Fultz, Head of Partnerships, SpearmintLOVE

Increase purchases with rules-based product recommendations

Give your customers the personalized experience they crave: Try the new recommendations options in your product feeds today to drive more sales with your emails.

New to product feeds? We have helpful tips for you. Just check out our Help Center article to get started. 

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