Klaviyo’s new navigation puts everything right where you need it

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You asked, we delivered: Welcome to a more navigable Klaviyo. Our upgraded navigation that streamlines the most common workflows and makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. That means less clicking around searching for things — and more time to spend on the important stuff.

Acknowledging the complexity of workflows

With Klaviyo’s old navigation, our customers told us how they sometimes struggled to get around the platform. For one thing, Klaviyo’s labeling and naming often didn’t map to language used in the real world, so new users had a steep learning curve ahead of them. 

We also heard from customers that Klaviyo’s old navigation could be a little overwhelming. As our product has grown and evolved over the years, we’ve added all kinds of useful new features to help you get more out of your marketing: from SMS, to sign-up forms, to visibility into product catalogs, hosted web pages, and more. Those menus were starting to get a little crowded! Our new navigation pares things down — while leaving plenty of room for us to keep growing.

A lot of work, research, and user-experience testing went into the new navigation. Our product design team went out into the world to investigate what works and what doesn’t for dozens of marketing platforms and other similar tools. They looked at everything from information architecture, to the way top-level navigation items get named and numbered. Then, they brought all their learnings back home and took a long hard look at the most frequently used features on our own platform.

And of course, while we were under the hood we also modernized the look and feel of the entire product. We’re excited to share the fruits of that labor. Our end goal: to empower you to do more with the platform, with less trouble and in less time.

Whether you’re onboarding a new employee, or you’re a veteran with years of Klaviyo experience, we hope you’ll love our upgraded navigation’s faster, easier, more intuitive design.

Getting started

The good news is that every Klaviyo account has our new navigation enabled, so there is nothing needed from you. For a full breakdown on the changes made to our navigation, check out this post in the Klaviyo Community.