Use Date-Based Flows to Drive Sales and Build Loyalty

In our daily lives, dates matter a lot. We countdown to exciting milestones, remind ourselves of scheduled appointments, and celebrate yearly on our birthdays.

As a business, dates matter a lot too. Being able to send relevant emails around important dates is often mission critical to drives sales, retain customers, and build loyalty.

With a new Date Property trigger for automated Flows, Klaviyo is making date-based customer journeys a breeze. From reminding your customers to renew a subscription, to giving 10% off on a subscriber’s birthday, we’ve got you covered.

End-to-End Date-Based Automation

When you collect an important date from a customer, you likely want to trigger a variety of emails around the date – leading up to the date, on the date, or even following up after the important date. Now in a matter of minutes, you can automate the entire customer journey around important dates in a single flow.

Countdown to a Date and Beyond

Kick off an automated series any number of days, weeks, or months in advance of a key date so you can count down with well-timed touch points every step of the way. With a dynamic scheduling configuration, you can schedule emails that count down without having to do any messy calendar math.

Every countdown flow also comes pre-built with a special component for the target date itself. Want to add more messages leading up to the target date? Just drop emails ahead of this target and add additional delays as you please. Don’t stop there – follow up after the target passes by extending your series with more emails after the target date.

Build a Recurring Series

You may want certain types of date-based sequences to repeat. We offer several options that allow you to set your flow in motion and have it automatically recur at the right cadence. For example, a monthly subscription reminder should schedule people each month, but a birthday series should only repeat yearly.

Start Driving Sales with Date-Based Flows

Needs some inspiration? Here are a few ways customers are already using date-based flows to support their business growth:

  • Birthday Series. Encourage your customers to treat themselves around their birthdays and use this opportunity to bring subscribers and customers alike back to your site. Birthday sequences are a great way to build customer loyalty and drive sales.
  • First Purchase Anniversary. Existing customers don’t often get as much love as prospects you’re trying to convert. Celebrate the day someone first became a customer with a special message and discount to keep these customers happy and coming back for more.
  • Appointment or Event Reminder. If your business schedules appointments or runs events, keeping everyone informed with timely updates and reminders is critical. With the flexibility to choose when these emails send around a given date, however, you can turn what might be a one-off transactional email into an engaging series.
  • Subscription Renewal. Maintaining and growing a subscription business requires a bullet-proof strategy around communicating effectively with customers around their subscriptions. As renewal dates approach for a given subscriber, never miss a beat with a single structured autoresponder that covers reminders through thank yous.
  • Milestone Countdown. If you sell or promote products around specific life milestones, triggering emails leading up to the big day for every customer is likely core to your marketing and sales strategy. Make every bride or groom feel special, and support each mom-to-be through every step of her pregnancy, with perfectly timed countdown emails.

Building a loyal customer base requires not only delivering a product or service people love, but also personalizing the experience throughout your customer lifecycle. With automated emails in particular, timing is everything. Using important dates to drive targeted communication is a great way to engage customers in a way that feels personal while also furthering your marketing or business objectives. As always, if you have any ideas or feedback, please email us at with the subject line “I have an idea!”

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