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5 Labor Day email marketing examples to capture your customers’ attention

Emily Riedy, July 12th 2021
Labor day marketing examples

Labor day marketing examples

Labor Day this year will fall on Monday, September 5, 2022. That means it will be a long weekend and you can use your Labor Day email marketing campaigns to build brand awareness, launch new products, highlight all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into your business, educate your community about your products, or whatever feels right for your brand. 

Many brands run standalone flash-sale campaigns either to get rid of spring and summer inventory or launch fall product lines. But Labor Day marketing campaigns hold so much more potential than a mere one and done promotion. 

Labor Day coincides with a transition of seasons and consumer priorities, which makes it the perfect time to connect with your customers. 

5 Labor Day marketing and sales ideas to try

You’re probably familiar with the standard Labor Day marketing emails (think, one-day sales or get-it-before-it’s-gone promotions). But if you want your Labor Day emails to be anything but standard, check out these five ideas. 

1 | Use your email to share customer tips that relate to your products

Sharing informational content can help you build brand awareness while simultaneously increasing sales.

Labor Day is a holiday weekend in the US, which means shoppers will have their wallets ready for things that catch their attention. If you know your target audience is ready to spend or scoop up must-have items, how can you creatively entice them to spend their dollars with you? The answer: By educating them. 

Brand focus: Briogeo used their Labor Day email to distribute trendy hair styling tips to their readers. Their content first aimed to inspire readers to “achieve their best hair ever,” then to showcase how their industry knowledge and brand products could help them reach their #hairgoals.

briogeo labor day email

Tip: If you can put your customers and their needs first in your Labor Day marketing campaigns, you can make a lasting impression on your audience and hopefully bring them back time and time again.

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2 | Stay true to the spirit of the holiday and share any store closings in your email

If your business is closing for Labor Day, share that information with your subscribers! What better way to demonstrate your values than by communicating that actual people work tirelessly behind-the-scenes to power your business and require some time to recharge and regroup. 

Brand focus: Carewell’s Labor Day email was transparent and shared the empathetic side of their brand. At the root, the relationships you build with your customers are no different from the ones you create with your family and friends—they’re the strongest when they’re supported by a genuine care and thoughtfulness for one another. 

carewell labor day email

Tip: As the practice of conscious consumerism continues to rise, shoppers are increasingly considering a brand’s values and ethics before deciding whether they want to buy from them.

3 | Promote freebies in your email to build brand loyalty on Labor Day Weekend

You can use your Labor Day marketing campaign to further promote your business and products through the orders your subscribers make. 

The more familiar your subscribers are with your products, the more likely you might be to persuade them to buy from you over and over again. But it’s hard for first-time customers to have that familiarity right out of the gate. 

Brand focus: Clayton & Crume’s Labor Day email is a model example of this tactic.

clayton and crume labor day email

Regardless of what a reader buys, Clayton & Crume offers to waive shipping and include three free products in their order. This special promotion not only removes potential buying obstacles for customers (I’m looking at you, costly shipping fees), but also helps their audience learn more about their product catalogue and the quality of their materials. 

Tip: Who doesn’t love free goodies? It’s a win-win Labor Day marketing idea for your audience and for building your own brand loyalty.

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4 | Increase your customer base with a product giveaway in your Labor Day emails

Giveaways are an exciting way to engage your subscribers. They’re enticing because they open the door for your subscribers to potentially win items they may not have bought otherwise.

Giveaways can also help you build up your customer base or social media following, which can help to increase awareness of your brand.

Brand focus: Davines launched a seasonal giveaway in their Labor Day email and they automatically entered readers through two different avenues—either readers could place an order of $100 or follow the brand on social media. Giving their audience options was a smart way Davines encouraged a larger portion of their audience to take part in the event. 

davines labor day email announcing their holiday giveaway
davines labor day give away campaign

Tip: Like a free sample, giveaways can help your audience become more familiar with your range of products. Imagine you sell jam and honey: If a customer has only bought honey from you, but then through a giveaway discovers your jam, this can increase the average order value (AOV) of their future purchases and build stronger customer-brand bonds.

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5 | Share how your customers can use your products in transactional emails

A Labor Day marketing campaign can inspire your subscribers to use your products in an imaginative way. 

Brand focus: Take it from skin-care brand SkinTē, that sells a collagen sparkling-tea beverage to help people bring out their inner glow.

Their Labor Day campaign highlights how readers can use their products in their celebrations to brighten up their beverages (and skin!). The brand’s chef concocted the recipes, which means they’re probably better than anything all of us non-kitchen folk could whip up. 

Tip: Set the stage for the versatility of your products. As SkinTē demonstrated, their beverages can serve as mixers not only for your Labor Day parties, but all your future ones too. I’d toast to a New Year with glowing skin, wouldn’t you?

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Labor Day emails and sales campaigns can help you gear up for the holidays

You have a variety of tools available to help you have a successful holiday season. While September may feel like a ways away from Cyber Weekend and the end of year holidays, it’s never too early to start your preparations. 

Labor Day is a retail event where shoppers all across the country will buy products, so why not encourage them to buy from you. Armed with a relevant and broadly applicable Labor Day marketing strategy, you can grow your customer base, build brand loyalty, and forge customer relationships that will carry you through the busy and exhilarating months ahead. 

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