5 Ways to Incentivize New Subscribers to Purchase in Your Welcome Series

Editing_FB_Ads_Template___Piktochart_Infographic_EditorFor ecommerce marketers, a welcome series’ aim is to introduce new subscribers to your brand and turn them into customers. There are several ways you can incentivize new subscribers to make their first purchase, but they all boil down to offering something of value. Below, I’ll outline five ways you can give new subscribers the push they need towards their first purchase.

1. Offer a Discount

This is the most common way ecommerce companies incentivize new subscribers to purchase in their welcome series. Often, this discount is in the form of a coupon code, but you could also offer a fixed amount or percent off of the first purchase. Whenever you offer a discount, it’s important to include a sense of urgency in the email.

In your welcome series, include a limited time discount. If your welcome series spans a week, for example, make the offer valid for a week. Introduce the discount in the first email and remind subscribers of this expiration date in subsequent emails.

2. Offer Exclusive Content

Offer new subscribers something exclusive with their first purchase. This could be a gift, an ebook or lookbook, or some other gated material. The key is to understand your audience and be able to provide something that they will find valuable. If you sell makeup, for instance, including a small sample of one of your bestselling products could be a great way to incentivize new subscribers to purchase.

3. Facilitate the Process

You want to make it as easy as possible for customers to make their first purchase. Offering free shipping for first-time customers can be a great final push to get new subscribers to buy. You should also include FAQ links and a way to contact customer support in case any new subscribers need more information or would like to reach you. By providing great customer support at the first point of contact, you build customer loyalty.

4. Put Your Best Foot Forward

Some brands choose not to offer discounts or free shipping. If yours doesn’t, it’s essential that you make your products irresistible. Be sure to curate a selection of your bestselling or trending products. Leverage social proof and include reviews or testimonials to convince new subscribers that they’re missing out if they don’t make a purchase.

5. Personalize

Do you know where your new subscribers are coming from? Do you have several different signup methods on your site? If so, you should have different welcome series triggered by this information. Know the page a subscriber signed up on should inform the content you include in your welcome email. For example, if they signed up on a men’s product page, you should show them men’s products in your welcome email, and vice versa.

Gated, personalized content, like tips on using a particular product, are also a great way to incentivize new subscribers to purchase.


Be careful with mixing and matching these methods — if you’re offering new subscribers ten percent off of their first purchase, don’t offer free shipping, too. Make sure you understand your subscribers and are able to offer them something they would find valuable. While discounts are universally appealing, you can get creative with personalized offers based on your specific product catalog or how a subscriber signed up.


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