Real-Time Integration for BigCommerce Merchants


BigCommerce customers, you’ve told us that you love using your ecommerce data to build flows and segments inside of Klaviyo. We’ve been working closely with the BigCommerce team to give you the best possible integration between two of the most important systems you use to grow your business. One big request was we focus on decreasing sync times between the platforms, and our hard work has paid off.

We’re delighted to announce that our integration with BigCommerce now operates in real-time. All the events you need, like account registration, checkouts started, orders placed, and orders fulfilled will be created in your Klaviyo account within seconds of the customer action on your storefront. Once they’re there, you can immediately use them to build smart, targeted flow emails and segments. You fully control the customer experience and how long your customers will wait to receive flow messages.

This feature is currently available to all BigCommerce merchants. You’ll need to update your BigCommerce settings within Klaviyo by navigating to your BigCommerce Integration Settings and clicking “Update BigCommerce Settings”–this will take you to BigCommerce where you can update your permissions. Once you’ve done that, we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll create webhooks in your account and start processing data in real-time.


We also know that a lot of our BigCommerce customers have been eager to send your Abandoned Cart messages from within Klaviyo when using BigCommerce’s one-page checkout.  You want to have the same look & feel as your other emails, and you want to be able to control your entire email experience from one app. Again, our teams have been working together to address this, and we’re extremely pleased to announce that we’re now able to add Started Checkout events to Klaviyo as soon as a customer moves to the checkout page and enters their email address.  You can create Abandoned Cart flows in Klaviyo and trust that we’re getting information from every customer who starts the checkout process and enters their email, regardless of what checkout style or theme you’re using.  


We have more great features coming in the next weeks and months to make our BigCommerce integrations even better, so stay tuned.  And as always, we love to hear what you need–if there’s something you want to see in Klaviyo, send us an email at with the subject line “I have an idea!”

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