Blank Label Drives Showroom Bookings With Klaviyo

Blank Label delivers stylish, custom men’s clothing at an affordable price. The company has grown to 17 people, is headquartered in Boston, and has two retail locations in Boston in both the Back Bay in Downtown Crossing.

Blank Label and Klaviyo

Blank Label has been using Klaviyo for two years for targeted newsletters and lead nurturing to make sure customers get the right emails at the right time.blank-label

Blank Label first started using Klaviyo to drive targeted outreach to customers who had purchased before but hadn’t returned to buy again. By integrating purchases, support data from Desk and other relevant customer data into Klaviyo, Blank Label was able to use Klaviyo’s segmentation tools to take a process that previously took 5 hours and reduce it to 5 minutes.

Over the last two years, Blank Label has used Klaviyo to drive all of their emails – both newsletters, segmented campaigns and automated outreach. A few key examples:

  • Personalized newsletters segmented based on whether customers have bought recently.
  • Holiday outreach to customers receiving specific messaging.
  • Building customer loyalty by offering targeted discounts to high potential customers
  • Sending out targeted company updates to relevant customers

The Showroom Introduction

Blank Label began as a pure eCommerce play, but opened its first showroom last year. Since the opening, Blank Label identified different buyer behavior between showroom customers and online customers.

Blank Label sells higher-ticket items like suits and chinos in its showrooms, so the revenue per order is bigger than with online. But overall, they get more online orders, since online customers were their first customers and are relatively self-service. Simply notifying the online customers about new product offerings is enough to generate new sales because this kind of customer has already experienced the product value of Blank Label. Showroom customers, however, require more of a content strategy.

“We think about our showroom clients a little differently than our online customers,” said Director of eCommerce Andrew Wise. “It’s a lot about education and engagement. We have to teach them about looking good, fashion, and Blank Label.”

Driving Showroom Growth with Segmentation

Andrew recently took over the company’s showroom growth, with an eye on increasing the number of showroom orders and showroom appointment bookings. To accomplish this, it’s critical for Andrew to have a way to target these customers specifically.

This is why Andrew says that above all Klaviyo’s segmentation and analytics tools are most beneficial. Blank Label segments their email lists into showroom and online customer lists. They offer different content to each list, and track different metrics.

Wise says that the Klaviyo dashboard makes it simple to track revenue from email, as well as other key metrics like open rate and CTR. The Google Analytics integration is helping them track showroom bookings from email sends.

“I think that’s led to us sending more targeted emails and getting better results,” says Andrew.

Each targeted send is highly impactful. Just one send to the segmented showroom customers list can net 15 showroom appointments.

In addition to the targeted campaigns to Showroom customers, Blank Label is also using Klaviyo to send personalized follow-ups from specific reps to customers after their appointments.  Because Klaviyo is integrated directly with Blank Label’s purchase and appointment systems via the Klaviyo API, these follow-ups are completely automated and can be modified based on what they know about potential customers.

Next Steps

Moving forward, Andrew expects to continue testing the content of the showroom list emails and seeing what converts in more showroom appointment bookings. He sees Klaviyo being a key part of that.

“If I ever have a question about Klaviyo, Andrew and Ed have been super great about getting back to me and helping me. Segmented email marketing is a key revenue driver for us and I look forward to using Klaviyo more,” said Andrew.


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