3 Welcome Emails Every Ecommerce Brand Should Send

Welcome series are one of the top drivers of email marketing revenue for ecommerce stores. They’re often the first point of contact new customers have with a brand, so you want to make a great first impression. There are three emails in your welcome series that you should be sending to new subscribers when they sign up for your email list.

1. Short Intro with Strong Call to Action


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The first email in your welcome series should be sent immediately after a new subscriber signs up and should encourage recipients to take an action. Whether this be visiting a specific page on your website or logging in, your call to action should be unmistakeable. As with any email, you should include your call to action above the fold. What differentiates this email from other emails, though, is that you should only include one call to action in the entire email, otherwise you risk distracting from its main purpose.

So, it’s important that you decipher what exactly you want your subscribers to do after subscribing for your newsletter. Depending on your particular business, this may mean:

  • Viewing a particular collection on your website
  • Viewing the bestsellers on your website
  • Viewing trending products on your website
  • Viewing an informational page on your website

Once you decide this, you can make your call to action clear and impossible to miss.

2. Hero Image with 5 Most Popular Products


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Since your welcome series is sent to new subscribers, you won’t have much behavioral data on them (yet!). Because of this, you can’t show them a highly curated selection of products, as you might with a repeat buyer. Maximize the chances that new subscribers will see something they like by showing them your five most popular products. Make sure each photo links back to the product page on your website, and consider including a call to action alongside each product.

Social proof is a strong motivator for subscribers who haven’t purchased before, so also consider including product reviews or testimonials for one or more of these most popular products. If you don’t want to include these directly in the email, you can include links to your social media instead, so new subscribers can see how your brand interacts with its customers.

3. Gallery Email with Next 5 Most Popular Products


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Your third email should be laid out the same the second, but display five new products. These can either be your next five most popular products, which will eliminate any overlap with the previous email, or five trending products. Which you choose should depend on how many products you sell — if you have an extensive product selection, showing your top ten products in your welcome series will be more effective than if you only sell a narrow range of products.


For ecommerce brands, it’s incredibly important that your welcome series feature your top selling or trending products. Because new subscribers come with a lack of behavioral data, broaden your net by showing them products that your other customers have already vetted. Including social proof, like product reviews, testimonials, and social links can also add validity to your bestselling products.


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